Please take a seat…

Last Thursday evening I participated in another photo walk in our downtown area, along with many other people, young and old, from our community.  A highlight of the evening was being allowed to enter and explore the old Veterans Memorial Hall, and take as many photos as we wanted.   I was fascinated by the balcony area of the old auditorium, and all the old wooden fold up seats.

See the empty wine bottle at the bottom of the image, in the middle? I did not see it until I uploaded this photo on my computer.  Now I wonder who had been there. After all, this building is closed up most of the time.

Placing my camera on the slanted banister allowed me to get this perspective.

Great seats, if you had the tickets for the show…  Love the old wood floor. Dust and all.

A chorus line, arms joined, all the movements synchronized…

 My favorite from the entire day.  I think of those “feet” all pointed and lined up perfectly, in a lovely dance.

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  1. Deb – what an amazing opportunity. I love the toning on these photos – it really brings out the sense of nostalgia. And what gorgeous curving lines are created by all those rows of chairs. The closeups of the undersides are really special – I too see the "dance" inherent in the shapes and lines. Beautiful.

  2. Ah, this is wonderful!! What a fantastic opportunity! Love all the lines you created with your POV!! My favorites would be the last two. I love looking under the seats and seeing their numbers! Surprised there wasn't some chewing gum!! Love the pointed "toes" too!!

    1. Cathy, I actually do have another shot with the chewing gum under a seat! It just didn't fit in here, if you know what I mean.

      This was a great opportunity, as you said. We've lived here almost 10 years and have never been in this building. I'd like to go back sometime.

  3. Totally agree with others' comments – great POV & tones – such an opportunity! Does make you wonder how long that wine bottle had been there. Great images.

  4. What a fun place for a photo shoot! Great opportunity, and amazing images of lines and repetition. That bottle does make you wonder, it's like a secret waiting to be found in the image. You captured some wonderful perspectives. Each one unique and interesting on its own!

  5. What a great place for a photo shoot. Love all your images here and love how you've played with the angles and perspectives. Love the chorus line and the last shot especially. Fabulous. 🙂

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