soulful changes

It was early morning. I stepped out with my camera just to get an image of the clover, those sweet little white flowers that cover the yard until it gets mowed. In the morning light I saw a patch of white on the grass and realized it is a spider web, one of several of it’s type just glistening in the sun, nested there by the clover. 

Often I can look back and an image a few days later and it will say something new to me.  That was the case with my last post, and the image of the luggage at the bus station.  At the moment I took the photo, I knew I was moved in some way, but not until a couple days later did I understand the message for me.   The result is what you read there.  

Spider webs are a different matter.  Don’t know where I learned this, perhaps from doing dream work, but I have come to understand that a spider web can be a symbol of creativity, of new life. When I think of that it makes sense.  The spider weaves her intricate web to creatively attract and catch something to eat.  We talk about spinning a yarn, weaving, even making connections with others, all kind of making reference to what a simple spider will do with what it has.  

My own “web” has been blessed and fortified recently….

One connection I have made this week is with an artist named Liz Lamoreaux and the Inner Excavate – Along.  I have her book on order and am enjoying this 7 week read along in an online community.   

Through my connections on this blog I have “met” and shared with talented people like Julia, who just published this book. Yes, my book is on it’s way. (Have I ever mentioned that I think we are “book poor” in this house?)

So many of you have been such wonderful blogging friends, commenting and giving such heartfelt words that lift me up in ways that you may never know. 

And my dear friends here in the same town that I know personally are so encouraging and… well, lets just say I have some beautiful people in my life.

Yes, blessed and fortified. Strengthened

This little “web” of mine is also evolving.  Blogging can become a numbers game. Blogging can also take over your life. Yet blogging can and does connect us to other souls who share the same interests.  It also gives us a fabulous outlet for our creative pursuits.  I see myself as the little spider who is spinning and weaving and creating…while knowing that there is a better way to do this.   

So as I send you peace and blessings this day, I ask that you also keep me in mind as I discern how to best share what Life is teaching me, to do it in a balanced way, to continue to listen to what my heart is telling me.



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  1. What a beautiful post, Deborah. I can fully relate because over the recent weeks when we moved I've felt the support of my "web" and I still feel truly blessed by the kindness of other people – friends, neighbors and strangers. It has paused my activity in blogland though, but I hope I can spin that net again. At the moment I am just grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

  2. I am so grateful to be part of your creativity web. I trust you will find the best way to integrate these pursuits into your life, in such a way that as to sustain and uplift you.

  3. What a sweet post Deborah. Sounds like your web is out there and catching new dreams and creativity. Glad we've connected. A stop at your blog is never a disappointment.

  4. Such a lovely post, Deborah! You have created a lovely web that I am caught up in! I love your photography and your wise and well written words!

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