Traveling light

I begin.
Starting right here, with what I have, in this moment. 
I have come to this point, 
blessed by the journey,
by all that has come before, whether I liked it or not.
All of it has propelled me, 
nudged me, 
sent me 
screaming and shouting, 
to this place.
I am…
done with waiting,
done with excuses.
I am here, now, 
ready to gather 
just what is necessary
and step out.
I come from
and out of nowhere,
surprised to find that 
this place 
is exactly 
I need to be.

by Deborah L. Tisch

15 Replies to “Traveling light”

  1. Wow, Deb! What an amazing poem – full of heartfelt emotion, written in such a personal voice. Something that could be the anthem for all of us "of a certain age". "…exactly where I need to be". I will take that with me today.

  2. Amazing post! Powerful, emotional words and photo to accompany them! A wonderful reminder that…yes, I am exactly where I need to be at this time!

  3. Oh, wow. Deb, this made me stop and breathe. I could feel my heart filling with each word. I'm a little wordless right now, just really feeling the beauty of this. And you.

    Sending so much love your way, beautiful poet.

  4. This is so beautiful…so full of truth and insight. You've written what I am feeling right now! Thank you for sharing your eloquent words and wonderful photo.

  5. WOW Deb, how wonderful and strong your words are. This took my breath away, totally filled my heart with mix emotions and happy that we are both right where we want to be today. I guess we are both doing some life thinking and expressing ourselves in our favorite ways. LOVE THIS!! You my dear friend have a talent of writing and expressing yourself so well, love reading your blog!!
    Sending you peace, love and happiness!!!

  6. Deborah, by now I should know better than to be surprised by anything you write, but this took my breath away. Words from your heart straight into mine.

  7. This is beautiful..and so perfect. In my journal today – I wrote something about 'being here'. And you've said it so beautifully!!!

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