Let’s Go Scavenging

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is here again, that delightful exercise of finding/taking images to go with the new word prompts each week.  I am addicted.  Is there a 12 step program for this? Let me know.

These images were all taken on Saturday, June 9th. I went with a dear friend from our local photography club, wandering around our downtown area, through the alleys.  We decided it was good to be together for safety purposes, though we only had one situation that made us antsy – so we walked another way.  For about two hours we talked, walked, snapped images, and had a great time.  Here is how a few of those images ‘fit’ the prompts for today….

In the day when travel by rail was at it’s peak, this old loading dock would have been quite busy.  This building is located a few yards from the old depot (which our city has beautifully restored and uses as offices).  I can imagine the hustle and bustle of trains pulling up along side to be loaded, goods being hauled around. (I used a preset in Lightroom to get the look you see here.) 

Speaking of silly ….we thought this little padlock next to the broken pane of glass was rather useless.  This broken window is on the outside of a large stained glass panorama in an old bank that is closed up.  I’d love to see the inside.

This detailed sculpture above the door of an old building has a rather haunting look in black & white.

Walking through the alleys gives you an interesting view of every business’s back door.  This automatic vent is rusty and has spots of blue paint spattered on it.

The peeling paint on this brick wall looks like paper; however, there is the remnant of a paper sign that was once tacked to that wall.  I wonder if it said ‘no parking’?

Anyone can participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  You could even use the word prompts to see what you can come up with, even if you never post a single image online.  It’s fun. It’s creative. And there really are no wrong “answers”.  Click on the link below to learn more.


11 Replies to “Let’s Go Scavenging”

  1. Love your set! I love to wander around old buildings, too. They always provide such beautiful images of textures. I'm with you, I'd love to see inside the old bank and look at the whole stain glass window!! I think my favorite would be the last one, I love the peeling paint!

  2. Let me know if you find that 12 step. Love your black and white and the selective color in the first shot. Looks like it was a great walk. Jealous a bit. Have a great day Deborah

  3. Deb – a great set! I find that the alleys and backs of buildings often provide the most interesting shots – and your images definitely prove the point. You have captured those little details that very few notice but are big with texture and color and interest.

  4. Not only are these great shots, but I LOVE the way you spent your afternoon. I love old buildings….and brick. I was going to say the b/w was my favorite, but taking a second look…I'll just say I really like them all!!

  5. What a fun time for you today, love all the old looking photos. Think the last one is my favorite!! I will try to do this one weekend, it always fun to read yours. Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT week!!

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