Flower Art Friday 7 …and more

There are times when I grow weary of taking so many photos of flowers.

There are also times when I think I will never grow weary of the the beautiful flowers that are all over the place this time of year.   

It’s even more enjoyable when the blossoms are in our own yard…such as this clematis.  This year it is happier than ever before, climbing higher up on the trellis and boasting of more blooms than ever.  That mild winter must have been just what She needed.

This year I have also planted a small vegetable garden by our back door, a space of maybe 12 feet by 3 feet. We have a tomato plant, some cucumbers, some kale (which I’ve never grown before), and lots of green peppers.  Perhaps my most favorite part of the garden is just watching it evolve.  The blossoms that come on the plants and then become the vegetables…those little blooms are some of my favorites.  

This cucumber plant is a bush variety, filling up with blossoms, and I can already see some 1/2 inch long cucumbers.  Isn’t the yellow of this flower just lovely?

As I was snapping away this evening, Yeller (the cat) was outside, too.  I heard some geese flying overhead and knew they’d be coming over our house by the sound of things.  Just as I glanced up and saw the geese, I also notice Yeller in the front seat of my husband’s pickup truck. His window is open, you see, and Yeller seems to like to investigate the inside of vehicles.  My thought was that it would make a great photo if I could catch him in the truck.  Meanwhile, here came the geese.  Click, click, click. I was able to get the photo you see here.

Do you think the cat stayed put?  
Need I say more?

Have a fabulous weekend!


10 Replies to “Flower Art Friday 7 …and more”

  1. My clematis did really well this year too, and you are right, it was probably the mild winter. Lovely pics, Deborah. Have a great weekend.

  2. I do grow weary of shooting flowers and yet when I see one I can't resist shooting it! Love the cool blue of the clematis and I snapped my neighbors cucumber blossom the other day too!

  3. I've heard it said that cats are independent creatures 🙂 Lovely green bokeh behind your purple clematis and amazing detail of the cucumber plant.

  4. Oh, I love your flower photos! The clematis is beautiful! And, my mind's eye has quite a great snap of yeller in the truck! Love the thought of that one! Have a lovely weekend…

  5. I know just what you mean, I too get tired of snapping pictures of flowers and then I see another bunch and here I go again!! Beautiful clematis, mine were extra beautiful this year!! I've never grown a veggie garden, always wanted to and then I think of how hot it will be in the summer keeping up with it!! You'll have to show us some of the fruits of your labor!

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