Scavenger Hunt for June 3rd

Remember to always wash, maybe even Shine your fresh fruit before consuming it.

Should you ever choose to Fast, you can use the time when you would have eaten to meditate, and even save the money you would have spent and give it to a worthy cause.  Just remember to fast privately – don’t make a show of it.


 Plan your meals wisely, so that you don’t have too much good food Left on your plate.

 A diet that includes Plain, simple foods is often healthier.

 A symbol of Peace for me is a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds….something to enjoy after a healthy meal.

20 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt for June 3rd”

  1. Deb – I love how you crafted the themes from the Scavenger Hunt together this week. And your photos are gorgeous. I love it when absolutely simple, everyday objects are made so gorgeous in photography.

  2. Hi I'm new to the scavenger hunt! I really like how you made the photos have a common theme. What a great idea! And my favorites were shine and peace. Beautiful!

  3. The Kitchen scavenger this week? My fave is your plain shot, followed closely by those pears. Very clever take on Fast.

  4. I love running themes behind the prompts, and you did very well too! Great shots, great theme. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  5. Very well done post, Deborah. Love the single grape shot and the food shot is glorious. Have a good week ahead and eat well!!

  6. This was great, love the way you wrote this and the photos were just right for the words. This is making me hungry!! You know that last one is always a favorite for me too.

    Hope your weekend was good, we finally got the rain we needed. Now I want the sun/warmth to come for the kids last day of school. Enjoy your week.

  7. This makes me smile from start to finish! You did such a great job of creating a theme of these prompts! I love the "plain" shot (great composition) and the "left" image, oh so clever!!

  8. Deb – a great set of images, very clever use of the prompts. Love your shiny fruit – the colors and textures are beautiful.

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