Refreshing rain this morning.
Life giving.

Through an open window this morning I reached with my lens to capture that rain.
My feeble attempt included looking at drops on the pavement and in puddles.

But the one that speaks to my heart the most is this, because there is an open, receiving gesture here. Grateful acceptance of what comes.  

I think there is a powerful lesson in that.

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

9 Replies to “Receiving”

  1. This is so wonderful ~ both the photo and what it stirs in your heart. I have been struck this spring, as I've taken much more time to photograph and notice the earth changing, by the same thing – the leaves, the branches, the buds…all reaching up – up toward the light and up to drink in the rain. Beautiful.

  2. Love the photo and the words, you are gifted my friend.
    The rain went right over us, Rich was hoping for some on his garden. Glad you guys got some and hope it will reach us next time.

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