Flower Art Friday 5

Day lilies are a favorite of mine, in any color. I saw these at the Children’s Garden, next
to our public library. It was an overcast day, perfect for this kind of photography. 
Have you stopped to think about how precious our eye sight is? 
This image has made me think of that.
Not only am I grateful to have this time in my life to enjoy photography,
but on a more basic level I’m just glad I can see…bifocals and all.
If I could not see, I wonder how I could experience the beauty of this flower?
I know there are many other senses that come into play, so I’m not going to 
try to answer that here. I just invite us all to consider that.
And while you are feeling grateful for the gift of sight,
Photos by LeAnne is one of my favorite blogs, and LeAnne is the host of
Flower Art Friday.  If you enjoy images of flowers (and who doesn’t?) you will want to 
hop on over to her place and see the many beautiful images that are submitted for 
this project. 

Meanwhile, get out there and smell the flowers! 


17 Replies to “Flower Art Friday 5”

  1. You have really captured this flower beautifully!!! The colors and lighting are wonderful. You gave me a laugh about the bifocals! I totally get that

  2. I just noticed you are from Illinois!! Me too… I grew up in Aurora, then went to school in Chicago. Still have relatives in Galesburg and visit there often. Where in Illinois do you live???

    1. Jeanne,

      Illinois is my home state. I grew up around Danville, 3 hours south of Chicago. My children still live in Illinois, so we get there to visit as often as we can. We currently live in Ohio.

  3. Wow, this is magnificent! I've thought a lot about the gift of eyesight since I got into photography – especially since my arms seems to be getting shorter. Lol. Love Brene Brown! Thanks for linking up!

  4. This is so rich and gorgeous, you did an amazing job capturing it's beauty. I have thought about not having my eyesight plenty of times over the years with my scrapbooking and again now with my art. I always wonder if I could still tell what the sky and trees looked like. So thankful for all my senses and esp. for my eyes that aren't so great either,lol

    Enjoy this long weekend and stay cool with the hot temps we will be getting.

  5. The color of this lily is exquisite!! You captured it so beautifully! My lilies are the common orange ones. Maybe I need to plant something more colorful like these!! Great post this morning, to remind us to be grateful for the many things we take for granted! I did hop over to Brene Brown's site, thanks for the link up!

  6. Wow, Deb! This is absolutely stunning color! It seems to glow with an internal radiance. How grateful I am to be able to enjoy the beauty of your image.

  7. Wow from me too! Such great detail and I especially love those little dashes on the petals…the petals look like they are made from satin. Nice! On an unrelated note…the oatmeal cookie recipe looks excellent too. (o:

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