Lines in black and white

Small ripples in the water look like straight lines from a distance.
 A foot bridge created symmetrical but wavy lines in the reflection.
This field lays waiting for spring planting, displaying lines of stubble from last year’s crop.
The feather from a goose showing perfectly spaced lines.
Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

8 Replies to “Lines in black and white”

  1. Deb – what a fantastic series! Black and white works so well here – it really highlights the beautiful lines that you have discovered. Each image shows us something different in the way of line – man-made, reflection and natural; perfectly parallel and straight as well as rippled. Great job.

  2. WOW WOW WOW DEB!! These are simply amazing and stunning, such cool descriptions and images. When first reading the post title I thought you'd be sharing some black/white lines on dishes/clothes/paintings and such this was much more neater. You have a great way with words, so glad to be visiting your blog again I missed it!!

  3. These are soooo amazing and stunning Deb!! Loved reading your descriptions for each one, how perfect you did. I've missed your blog this week so glad to be back and see your awesome photos again.

    When I first saw the title I was thinking it would be black/white dishes, clothes, animals, artworks but this was way cooler!!

  4. Beautiful study in B&W lines! I love them all! I love the way the field lines lead to the house in the distant and the feather is amazing!! I'm taking Picture Black and White with Big Picture Classes and I'm learning so much about lines, light, and shadows that I know will help with all my photography!

  5. Deborah! I love these shots! How beautiful. And, I love that you went with B&W. So striking. What statement they make.

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