There’s a new kid in town…

I spied on the little sparrows
outside my window this evening, and my patience paid off.  This little
guy and his sibling were hungry and kept mommy and daddy pretty busy. 
Mommy gave me The LOOK…as though she was offended that I’d be looking
in on their feeding frenzy.  I’d say she’s a pretty good little mommy.

cutest part of this was seeing the little guy poke his head out the
birdhouse when mommy left, after feeding him.  He has that
look that says, “Hey! I’m still hungry!”   

Oh, the never ending work of being a parent….

This evening I’m sending loving thoughts and prayers to my niece and her husband in Tennessee who gave birth to a healthy little boy today, their second son.  My sister will be at her side soon and will be “melting” once again as she helps welcome her third grandchild into this big, wide, wonderful world.  

Ah, the joys of being a grandma….


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  1. This has made me laugh so hard, boy did I need a good laugh today. How perfect you captured them. Soooo awesome seeing their interactions and experessions. My hubby would have loved to have this in our yard.

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