May 20th Scavenger Hunt

Yeah, maybe not all these colors are in a real rainbow. 
But according to a favorite child’s song of mine, you do see “red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue”.  You can listen to “I Can Sing A Rainbow” here.
Yes, I may be stretching that one a bit. The two male cats here don’t want to be called fluffy.
This fluffy snack is a favorite here.  With butter.
I finished this sampler in 1984. Found the pattern in a magazine.
It’s been almost that long since I have done any counted cross stitch.  Does anyone do that anymore?
These buckets make great planters. They are from a farm supply store, and we drilled drainage holes in the bottom.  I have thyme in the front one, sage in the back one.
This old oak in the back yard of a neighbor’s house is so majestic. It seems to tower above all the other trees, and holds stories I would love to hear. I would have been the kid at that house that climbed the tree as often as possible.  How about you? Were you a tree climber?

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21 Replies to “May 20th Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I was a tree climber. You could climb that and lose yourself in those branches! I can't remember the last time I've seen a kid in a tree….maybe it's a lost art. It makes me want to go out and climb!

  2. Never did climb trees…but I did a lot of needlepoint. I've been wanting to start up again…but it's easier to find cross stitch patterns than needlepoint. Love these!

  3. I'm with you – that "fluffy" treat is pretty much a nightly occurrence at our house. And I also did lots of counted cross stitch in the 80's. That majestic tree is rather amazing – love your crop. My sister was the tree climber – she was shy and would hide up in the tree branches playing with her Toggles (the 70's version of Legos).

  4. Totally a tree climber! Love your metal shot and "Sing a Rainbow" was a song I always taught to my 3rd grade level. So beautiful when sung by young voices. Happy day Deborah.

  5. Another great set of images! I love the metal planters! Also, love the tree, very majestic! To answer your question, I started cross stitching in the early 70's and still stitch once a year. I stitch Christmas ornaments that I give to my children and grandchidren! I started giving ornaments when my children were young. That's a lot of ornaments over the years! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. How fun these are, your so creative on these hunts. You know the tree has to be my favorite and no I was always afraid to climb so you can climb and I'll wait at the bottom for you,lol… it truly is magical though!!

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