I set out this morning to go to a park and enjoy the morning light.  On the way there was this.  And that sign telling me to stop, which I did.  And while I was sitting in traffic I saw this…

….a lovely Robin going about his morning ritual.  Nothing was holding him back, not even this fence. Funny the little things, seemingly insignificant, that can just tell you what’s important today.  Stop focusing on what’s in the way, and just look around you.  

Traffic cleared. We all moved on. I found the sunlight…and this view.  
What did you see today? 


6 Replies to “Stopping”

  1. Capturing beauty in the moment. A great reminder to seek it out everywhere and all the time. Because it is there even when we are annoyed at the seeming "obstacles" placed in our path. You were certainly rewarded with those gorgeous reflections.

  2. I find it amazing when we stop-what we see. Sometimes when I'm out shooting I pause and ask myself "what am I missing?"
    Love all these shots-I think my fave is the stopped in traffic one-great line, but how adventageous to find beauty.

  3. So well said. I have shocked myself…as I've spent so much more time outside, and walking and taking photos at all I've seen and the way beauty pops out from the oddest places! Love this!

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