Scavenging yet again

I just like the curve of our sidewalk, but Yeller thought it would look better this way.

This does it for me. 
Being outdoors, by the water, viewing scenes like this, with my hubby.
Pure bliss.

Initials once carved on this tree have changed over time as the tree has grown.
I wonder where those lovers are now and what has become of them? How have they changed?

Close Up
A brightly colored tennis ball…that I recently used in the dryer as I dried my down jacket.
It’s warm enough now that I don’t have to wear it!  

With a Mirror
A simple three letter word, a title with immense responsibilities attached, 
and a priceless gift never to be taken for granted.
Happy Mom’s Day!

17 Replies to “Scavenging yet again”

  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous line-up you have captured this week. All are just lovely, I can not pick a favorite among these beauties. Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. You've done some really clever things with your set. I say that like I'm surprised….but I shouldn't be. A visit to your blog is always rewarding. Yeller was right, BTW. And that tennis ball jumped out of the linky at me. Happy day my friend.

  3. Love your photos and your space here in the bloggy world! I have a pond I walk around that keeps me going and inspired too! Happy Mother's Day from your newest follower!

  4. Happy Mothers Day. Love your mirror shot and agree. What a great opportunity of a mother. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Great shots again this week. Inspiring touches my feelings also. Thanks

  5. Love your inspiring and time shots! That tree with all the initials carved in it is sweet! The pond is lovely and I also love the colorful tennis ball. It is what brought me here!

  6. your close up is colorful… amazing that tennis balls come in colors now… golf balls too!
    your sidewalk shot is nice… where you almost on the ground with kitty?

    1. Christine,
      Thanks for your comments. As for that sidewalk image, I was sitting on the bottom step and had my camera resting on my knees for that shot. So, yes, almost on the ground, but not quite.

  7. Your Time shot is beautiful.whenever I see trees like that I always wonder about thee people who took the time to carve their initials…where are they now?? Love it!

  8. I always look forward to see what you've gathered for the hunt! I love them all. There is no favorite this time, each one is simply beautiful!!

  9. Deb – a beautiful series. Love the macro of the tennis ball – that snaking line between the bright color halves – it sems like another world that you have discovered. And the tree with the carved initials – what a tribute to the passing of time.

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