This week I walked through my neighborhood and saw this beautiful peony.  These flowers have the most wonderful fragrance, and I had to take it in.  The home I grew up in had flower beds filled with several varieties of this flower.  As far as I know they still bloom there today.  That fragrance brought back some fun memories of playing in that yard as a kid.

Using Lightroom 3, I have cropped the image and added the vignetting.  The lovely colors and rain drops are compliments of Mother Nature.   I’m linking up today with LeAnne for Flower Art Friday (yes, a day early!). Click the link below to see the other amazing images.  


17 Replies to “Fragrant”

  1. I can smell it from here 🙂 Peonies are one of my favorites and your processing is so soft and lush…and the dew drops! Oh MY! Thanks for linking up with Flower Art Friday.

  2. I LOVED the hot pink peonies that bloomed in Grandma's and Grandpa's yard in Bismarck. (Like you said, they're probably still there.) Giant ants were always crawling on them. Beautiful picture!

  3. I too have childhood memories of peonies and grow them myself now. Such a gorgeous image with the soft and subtle variations of colour. Beautiful work!

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