Scenes along Lake Erie

While on our photo excursion last Saturday to Magee Marsh we made sure to revisit the same beach we had been to in late March, and this time the weather was much nicer.  
Though it was sunny for a while there was some cloud cover, making the horizon appear a much darker blue, in contrast with the “chocolate” water of the lake.
I’m fascinated by the mystery of what lies below that surface, spellbound by the movement, the flow, the scouring effects of those waves, the sheer power held within.  

4 Replies to “Scenes along Lake Erie”

  1. I love the first one, where you focused on the sand, grasses, and footprints; great perspective! They all have such soothing lines of color! I would love to be standing there listening to the waves!

  2. Beautiful shots. I love the last one especially with the contast between the choppy brown water and the wide expanse of sky with that lovely blue layer.

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