Scavenger hunting

This butterfly was casting his little shadow and spreading his wings yesterday.
The Key(s) to Improving Your Photography Skills
Okay, I’m taking editorial privileges here… 
Yesterday I spent most of the day with my two photography friends. 
We agreed that one of the best ways to learn more about this hobby is to spend
time with people who share your passion, get out and go somewhere, take photos,
and ask each other “how did you do that?”  

While we were at Magee Marsh yesterday there were hundreds of birders, too.
We had smiles on our faces as we enjoyed watching this crowd.  
But what really made us smile…….
…was finding and photographing birds like this Thrush.
…and watching this new little family take a swim.  Can’t you see the smiles on their little faces?
Unedited (SOOC)
A favorite of mine from yesterday is this red winged black bird. I will edit this one, but saved it in it’s original state for today.  

This school of little fish was found in the Magee Marsh area yesterday when we
were on a hike.  It was amazing to watch them moving together.

29 Replies to “Scavenger hunting”

    1. Shay,
      Spending that time is something I think we all have to be very purposeful about. Life seems to give us excuses not to, but making the effort to connect with others is so rewarding.
      Thanks for your kind remarks.

  1. I enjoyed each of these – all those cameras would make me smile too. Absolutely love your high key shot of keys (and the sooc) – really enjoyed these.

  2. That SOOC is fabulous-the edit will make it uber fab I'm sure. Glad you got out with some fellow photogs. It sounds like a fun day.

    1. Susan, you know how fun it can be to meet with a friend who shares your hobby. We did a lot more giggling this time around. And the day went by so quickly. We are "plotting" more adventures in the near future.

  3. Deb – great set of images! Love the high-key image of the keys – you've been practicing again and very successfully, I might add. I also love that red-winged blackbird, seemingly balanced on the tip of grass. Looking forward to seeing what post-processing will bring to this photograph.

  4. Great shots.. wanted to thank you for your
    kind comments on my first try on the 'hunt'..
    also, can you tell me what "SOOC" is for?
    I've got a lot to learn….
    thanks again

  5. Love your shadow and SOOC. It is a beautiful picture without editing, so I am sure the finished result will be spectacular.

    I also like your keys.

  6. Beautiful set once again!! Sounds like your photo day was wonderful!! I love all your bird images, especially the red-winged blackbird!! Oh yes, I also love the butterfly shadow!

  7. What a great day you had and so many beautiful sights to take in. Loved them all and the way you worded them for the scavenger hunt.

  8. Thanks for your visit and comment over at Vision and Verb! I just had to follow your link and visit your site. Love the 'keys' image and also the red-winged blackbird — and the idea that your were out shooting with friends! 🙂

  9. Great set! I love your SOOC shot – just gorgeous. I hope you'll publish it again in its edited form – I'm curious to see what you'll do with it.

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