Flower Art Friday

I’m sharing this cute little pink flower with Flower Art Friday.

It’s been a while since I used Picasa, the free photo editing software. 
Most of the time I just use Lightroom to make any adjustments in contrast, 
color, or to do any cropping…and I just know some basics for using that.
But this time, for some flower art, I decided to mess with this image.  
Do I recall what I did? Hmmmm…..
I know I used the pencil sketch edit, increased the saturation a bit, 
and added some vignetting, and who knows what all.  

Click on the link below to go to LeAnne’s blog and see the other 
examples of some stunning artwork.


9 Replies to “Flower Art Friday”

  1. What a pretty petunia! Remembering exactly what I did with any piece of photo art is always a challenge to me. The end result here is lovely, and I so appreciate you linking up with Flower Art Friday. 🙂

  2. This is a lovely edit on your little pink petunia! Know what you mean on the editing. I often do so many things that i have no ability to ever recreate what i have done. lovely!

  3. I like how the soft green around the purple, in-focus blossom really makes it pop. The picture has a very nice quality to it.

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