The texture of rain

Mark and the cats were looking at me like I had lost it.  (Perhaps I have….)

The rains began coming down at about 7pm here.  I don’t have many photos of rain so out came the camera and the tripod, and I opened the front door so I could shoot without getting soaked. Then after a bit I used an open window, but later I sat looking out my back door, just watching the rain through my lens. 

There is an abstract quality about this that captured my attention. I love the silhouetted tree beyond the rain, how the leaves are both dark and light depending on the distance.  Millions of drops, creating a texture on the glass.

So, yeah, maybe I have lost it, but it sure is fun to find a little bit of beauty in the midst of a storm.  

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  1. this is really so interesting, but it made me laugh alot because of "all the things we will do to capture a photo'. I totally get it, and thank goodness my husband never laughs at me. So amazing how with the lens, all things begin to have beauty and value. Love it

    1. Jeanne,
      For the record, I have to say that Mark did not laugh at me! He is always very supportive. I think because I was getting splattered with rain even as I was indoors (with the door open) he got a kick out of it.

  2. It rained here today too, but I didn't get my camera out to take pics of the rain like you, just sat and stared at it thru the window, Lovely thoughts and image.

  3. LOVE LOVE this image, so cool looking. I see what you mean about the trees and leaves, you captured it so well. My camera came out too, took pics of the splashing on the deck and the windows. How creative you are to open the front door, I can just imagine what my hubby and kids would say also. Thanks for making me smile this morning and a little chuckle!!

  4. Love this shot. It does look kind of abstract and I love the textures and shilhouette of the tree. Beautifully done.

  5. No Honey, you FOUND it. I love the mood of this, the tree in silhouette, the sadness of the raindrops. Fantastic image.

  6. I love rain and rainy days (we're having one now) and you've captured the mood beautifully. I love the texture of the raindrops against the silhouetted tree.

  7. This is a "wow" photo! Nature's on texture! We do some very strange things to get a photo, don't we? I would be like you though, and just sit and simply enjoy the calming sound of the rain after I got the shot!

  8. Oh, Deb – what a fantastic idea – to use the rain to create such a wonderful abstract. This really defines the idea of "wetness"

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