Goats Only

I am a kid at heart.  
Maybe I’m finding that kid in my heart again. Reclaiming my inner child, perhaps.
Nothing like a trip to the zoo to make ya’ feel like a kid again.  At least it worked for me.

We took the day off and went to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to the Children’s Zoo. It was cold and we wore winter jackets, but even with that we lost track of time because we enjoyed it so much.  

I have to say that this photo is my favorite from that day.  Goats Only…implies “no you can’t come in here”.  We did peek inside and found that they were all enjoying their food, but these two had to be looking at all the people wandering around.  I wonder what they were saying to each other?

To see more photos from the zoo click on my Flickr link.  (The peacock image from yesterday was also from the Children’s Zoo.)

Have you done anything lately to honor that little kid inside you? 

9 Replies to “Goats Only”

  1. Mom! How fun!!! We're planning a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo…probably for mid-June. I can't WAIT for Garrett to see all the animals up close. You're absolutely right about a trip to the zoo making you feel like a kid again. Goats are funny.

  2. Look at the one standing in the food pail. I wonder what they were saying too. Perhaps, "there are a bunch of those silly people taking pics of us again. Say cheese." Glad you had fun.

  3. Your image makes me smile!! How funny that you should ask!! This weekend my sister and I lay down in the clover on the banks of a beautiful lake and just basked in the sun, talked and giggled!! So refreshing!!

  4. My sister and I went to the zoo last week, a small little one in Illinois run by the park district. Even at my age there is something so satisfy about scratching a goat between the ears! Cute shots!

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