Methods that worked in the past

This past weekend at one of our local parks there was the annual demonstration of spring plowing, using draft horses and older methods of tilling the soil.  This photo is from that event.  (If you would like to see more images of this click on the Flickr link tool on the side of this page.)

At the Allen County Farm Park there is a field set aside for this, and part of it has already been planted with oats.  One horse owner there told us that the ground was pretty dry and was difficult to plow very deep.  It was really interesting to see the horses and their owners working together to plow, then to be able to talk to them, pet the horses, and, of course, take photos. 

What impressed me was learning that at least one of the owners said he still uses his team of draft horses to plow land at his own farm.  I’ve thought of that ever since then. Do we try to always grab the newest technology, the newest fad, or do we hang on to what has worked well?  If one of those new ways is faster but takes away from that contact with nature, is it worth it?  If we could go back to a tried and true method that worked in the past, what would that mean for us today?

I’ll leave you with those thoughts, and one more image from the day.

(These images were taken with my 50mm f/1.8 lens.)

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  1. I completely agree with Suzy! If I had the land I would want to use the faster methods, but maintain the tried and true as well. Losing the knowledge of old may cause us problems in the future, at least that is my thought on the matter.

  2. Wonderful images! Those horses are beautiful! I thought a little differently. I wonder if this man thought the past way of doing things was "tried and true". In another 100 years will our ways be "tried and true?"

  3. I love this post Deb, truly speaks to my heart. Was just telling hubby again that it would be perfect to live in the middle of nowhere on a lots of land and just enjoy the quiet and no techie stuff in our days. I appreciate it but don't always need it.

    Even the simple things like baby toys, I love the toys my first child had growing up much more then the ones now. It seems like between each of my children being born they kept remaking them to be better or bigger or LOUDER when really it was the simple ones they liked best.

    Thanks for sharing these posts, I'm an old fashion kinda girl also.

    Pretty photos by the way!

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