Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-22


Something that makes me smile…
this pair of cardinals on our bird feeder

This modern day covered wagon (with rubber tires!), antique transportation.

The splash of raindrops on this phlox

In the sun

17 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-22”

  1. Love your new header Deborah!
    My fave is that cardinal shot-great catch. Covered wagon with tires-oh well. Kind of funny I think.

  2. Great photos for the hunt this week, how fun and creative. The cardinals are cute of course but I like the image you used for splash, great idea that was.

    Looked at your photos from Saturday and enjoyed them all too. So glad you had a good time. I got to stay inside since my son's tennis practice got canceled.
    Have a good week!

  3. The tulip is gorgeous! I love your POV and those drops of water! I always think of getting very close to a beautiful flowers. This image proves you don't have too. It's so lovely surrounded by all the green! The last one with all the dandelion bokeh is breathtaking!!

  4. Great photos! I really love the Cardinals, they make me think about those times I would sit with Grandma and watch the birds at her feeders. We saw Cardinals, Bluejays, Robins, Finches, and Hummingbirds depending on the season and the outside activity level. Thanks for the reminder of such a wonderful time. 🙂

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