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  1. Dear Deb,

    I love this photo so much–it just hit me right in the heart & brought tears to my eyes.

    Have a beautiful anniversary, my friend.


    1. Julia,

      Being able to witness this little exchange between these cardinals was almost like being on holy ground for me. They seem to be feeding each other little seeds from the bird feeder. Of course, I'd like to think they are smooching…

      The simplicity of it, the colors, the fact that it's a couple. All of that added to my enjoyment. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too!

  2. How sweet this is, LOVE IT!! Happy Anniversary to you both, what gorgeous weather it was for you today, hope the day was a good one for you.

    I miss watching birds now that Lucky has figured them out. He goes after them but I tell him NO BIRDS LUCKY!!! He goes and sniffs around the area that they were in and rarely plays ball with me now, just wants to sniff the yard.

    So we both have anniversary's in April, how cool and your daughter's birthday is 3 months from today if I remember correctly, she has my daughter's same birthday.
    Happy Anniversary Weekend!
    Try to see my post from today if you can, look at little Colt and know that he melts my heart like your cute grandson does yours.

  3. p.s. just noticed your picture in the header is new, LOVE IT!! I want to do mine in the yellow dandelions in my backyard. Love your blog dear friend!

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