Relaxation pose

I have a new 50mm f/1.8 lens.
And I’m quite smitten with it.
Had to test it on the cats today, 
so I caught them in relaxation pose. 
Rossfeld (the gray one) likes the back of the couch.
Yeller (guess which one…) prefers a blanky on the big blue chair.
I’m noticing that these guys seem to blend in with my decor.
And I also see that Yeller has one ear twitched a bit…as if to
say will-you-please-quit-clicking-that-!-thing-I’m-trying-to-relax.
Okay, okay.

10 Replies to “Relaxation pose”

  1. i love love love my 50mm lens…..LOTS !!!
    you will have so much fun with it, as it makes the best {blurry and bokeh} backgrounds when you shoot on aperture mode 🙂

  2. Deb – what wonderful faces and expressions you have captured – each with their own unique personality. I can certainly understand why you are in love with this lens. I am looking forward to seeing the images that you take with it going forward.

    1. Brenda,
      The ability to go to f/1.8 is what drew me to this lens, plus reading a lot of really good reviews of it. The light. It's all about letting that light in.
      Thanks again for your input and comments!

  3. Rossfeld looks rather like he's doing a yoga stretch there. They both look very contented, clicking camera or not. I have been thinking of such a lens myself, since neither of my zooms have wide enough maximum apertures for a nice blurred background. I'm debating whether it should be a macro while I'm at it.

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