Scavenger Hunt time!

The prompts for today are simple, grain, transportation, stitch, and bubble(s).    

I chose this photo of my grandson, taken over Easter weekend,
because it makes me think of the simple pleasures that bring him so much joy.
Grain. Popcorn…a staple at our house.
Transportation. Doesn’t this old wrecker remind you of Mater from Cars?
Stitch. This quilted wall hanging has a stitched outline of a tulip.
Bubbles. The grandson likes to play in the bathtub and get bubbles on his face.
(Then we are in stitches because we are laughing so hard….)

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21 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt time!”

  1. These are all great – and the tow-truck does remind me of Matter – especially when you add the antique Gulf sign beside it. Your grandson is adorable.

  2. Great series! My grandson loves to create "bubble beards" as well – and laughs hysterically every time he does it! As do we. And yes, that truck is definitely the inspiration for Mater 🙂

  3. Your set is really good. My favorite is Bubbles – because he's just so adorable with that little bubble beard.
    Also liked Simple.

  4. Great images! Beautiful pictures of your grandson!! He is such a cutie!! I also really like the beautiful stitching and the vintage looking fabrics on the quilt!

  5. You're welcome, Mom! (For the 'adorable' grandson, that is.) I think that picture of Garrett on the slide is my favorite from our weekend together.

    1. I love that one, too! The look on his face is just pure joy…like there is nothing more important in this world that going down that slide.

      And, yes, thank you, by the way, for our adorable grandson!

      Love you!

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