The old gas station

On this rainy Saturday Mark and I decided to drive out to a little town named Mt. Victory and check out the antique shops.  We seldom purchase anything when we go, but just enjoy looking at the stuff.  

In this small, sleepy town there is an old gas station that someone has painted and restored. We decided to take a closer look, and while we were there the owner came out and unlocked the door and invited us in.  We had a nice chat for a few minutes about his old gas station.  He has put a lot of thought and care into cleaning it up, taking it back to how it may have been when it was open.  

This corner, with the chair, the makeshift checkers table, the old iron register grates on the floor, and the light coming in…this little corner brought back memories for me.  In my childhood home there is an old gas station that was much like this one.  It was the gathering place for the men of the town, where they would sit around an old pot bellied stove, smoke cigars, catch up on the ‘news’. Talking to the owner of this place, I learned that much of the same thing happened in the gas stations of every community. This was the place to learn what was going on, unless you talked to the postman who would hear all the latest as he delivered the mail. 

I enjoy a look at the past now and then, remembering how things used to be. Besides that there are usually some fun things to photograph, too, like the old Coke bottles here. 

Today this experience has left me with some questions. What has replaced the old gas station in our communities? Where do we go to meet up with folks and catch up on what is going on?  Is it the work place, a place of worship, a coffee shop?  How about you…do you have such a place?

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  1. I just love the memories that this brought back to an old garage and gas bar we had near our little town probably 15-20 years ago. And the Coke bottles, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that those were in existence. Great memories to go back to. Thank you for taking me there. Great photos too.

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