How to refocus your life….

Bring out the toys and have them ready.  (They want to be played with anyway, not kept in storage in a basement.) Then just watch what happens. You will be amazed at the mess but more importantly how much you enjoy that mess. At times like this a clean house is highly overrated.
And be ready to melt when those little eyes and that grin tug at your heart, no matter how much blueberry yogurt happens to be smeared around.  Celebrate mealtimes and don’t be rushed.  Just enjoy.
Rediscover those children’s books and the imagination and wonder of a toddler as you read those stories over and over. Learn to interpret the sign language for “where did it go?” and the gobbledy gibberish that comes from that toddler’s mouth.  (Oh, and get over the fact that he prefers Grandpa to everyone else…. just get over it.)

Don’t sweat the details or the small stuff.  Learn to cuddle and snuggle and giggle, and even frown a bit if need be. Just have fun doing it.  Remember to just be there and be yourself.

Savor each precious moment…and remember that our children, our grandchildren, all children in this world need our help to grow and to be.  They are looking to us and imitating us all the time, whether we know it or not.  
Think about how you want to spend this time, and the rest of your time…what is more important to you now?  There’s nothing like a weekend with family to help us refocus and remember what really matters.  
My daughter, Erin, writes about this little guy and her family life here.

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  1. Such a wonderful post about grandparenting! It really is a joy and privilege. I love the shot of your grandson in the big shoes — classic!

  2. Deb, how wonderful and sweet this post was. I love the photos and the words with them, you have a gift my friend. When I babysit my little cousins each week this is how I feel also. They help keep me young and to slow down and savor each moment, esp. since my kids are sooooo big now.

    Really smiling at this post, thanks for the melting my heart with your beautiful grandson this morning. Too hard to pick a favorite.

    1. Dawn, thank you for your kind words. We really had a great time, and I'm glad I have this place to share it…though words and images hardly do it justice. We are truly blessed!

  3. This post is such a delight, and with words of wisdom. Each shot a pleasure to view. I must say the big shoes image was to me most poignant, but wow…great series, and bless you for cleaning up that yogurt.

    1. Actually, being a grandma has it's privileges because I watched my daughter do the cleanup! There was lots of yummy yogurt everywhere.

      The big shoes image did it for me, too.

  4. What incredible joy you have brought to each of these grandson photos. And yes, being with them does result in the important refocusing of priorities.

  5. Oh, Mom…

    What a great reflection of an incredible weekend! I was obviously there, and I still got choked up as I read this.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog and it touched my heart. Your little grandson is a cutie. I was sixty before I had my first grandchild and now I have two. Two beautiful little girls and I love them to the moon and back. I love the photograph of the red waterlilies floating on the pond, it is so enchanting. Your newest follower, Connie 🙂 Please come over and visit my blog, my welcome mat is always out. Have a glorious day.

    1. Connie,
      Thanks for your kind words! I like how you described your love for your granddaughters…to the moon and back. That is a very good description of the love grandparents have for grandchildren.

  7. What a beautiful set of images of what must have been an incredible weekend!! I can see the love shining through every one of your pictures! it's just not possible to explain the feelings of love and joy that grandchildren bring! I love the Fisher Price farm set; we have the very same thing that belong to my son! Now his son plays with it! I love that "gramma" is driving the tractor! When my oldest grandson played with this set, he found "little people" to represent family members! Yep! That's me on the tractor!

  8. Just looking at your images, and reading your story, has helped me relax into the moment. Unwind, and re-connect to what's important. Wonderful piece, Deborah! PS. I love that photograph with the animal farm on the glass table. It looks like the cow and horse are watching your grandson play. So cute! 🙂 (I love all the photos..that one just gave me an extra smile!)

    1. Thanks, Juli!

      Some of my favorite movies are the Toy Story series. I think I cried in all of them. Seeing those toys on the coffee table while Garrett was playing on the floor really made me think of Toys, how they like to be played with. I could imagine the same thing you saw here, that those toys were watching him play, maybe even talking about it!

      Thanks for your kind remarks!

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