At the Park

See that bench on the far right? We sat there together this evening to eat our supper.
Then we just took a leisurely walk around the pond. 
There were other families enjoying the spring weather, too.
The grass is lush and thick, speckled with dandelions and violets.
There were fish in the pond, too, making their presence known with 
an occasional splash or ripple.  
It was just as peaceful and serene as this photo portrays.
How have you enjoyed this day?
(All these were taken with my Canon 18-55mm lens.)

9 Replies to “At the Park”

  1. WOW Deb, thanks for the beautiful photos of your park. I can really see how beautiful and magical it is now. Makes me want to pack the kids in the van and drive down there to visit and walk around the pond also. Our parks are much smaller and not as pretty.

    How sweet that you had your dinner there. That would be a great way to end the day.

    I enjoyed my day but it wasn't as warm as yours. My poor Lucky isn't making it much fun for walks though lately. He sees the birds everywhere and wants to get them or smell the area they were just at. I still enjoyed the little peeks of sunshine we got though.

  2. What a lovely trip and such a lovely park. Our spring has gone from the warm low twenties last week to 1 degree today and the wind chill makes it feel like minus 6 and we woke up to snow! Yuk….Suzy x

    1. Suzy,
      We have our share of those cold temps here, too, but this year it has really been mild. It was so nice to just be outside and enjoy the fresh air, and no bugs! I hope spring comes in earnest to you soon.

  3. A beautiful park to visit, eat and enjoy a stroll! Your images just make me sigh and relax! We had a front come through last night that dropped our temperatures and made today feel more like spring, not summer! I have enjoyed being out in the cooler weather!! Thanks for letting us walk with you!!

    1. Cathy,
      We have been to this park numerous times, but this was the first time I really was able to get the nice photos. The light. It's all about the light, isn't it?! It was just perfect. I did very little post processing. Glad you enjoyed these!

  4. Such peaceful images — I felt like I had taken a walk with you. What a lovely park! Today was the first really sunny day in many moons and I spent a lot of time gardening. 😉

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