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There is something almost haunting to me about this old door latch.  The actual door handle is gone, the door locked from the inside, but there remains that latch that you would push with your thumb to cause the door to open.  The peeling paint on this old store front suggests that weather has taken its toll, yet there are places there on the wood door jam that seem to show wear from people going in and out. 

Doors. Locks. Handles. Devices that we learn to work with so we can pass through to this other place, this new opportunity, a place to do business, to think, to do any number of things your imagination brings to mind. 

This door worked in the past, but is now closed. Look for a different one, it says to me. It’s time to find a new way to go forward.

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  1. Hi Deb! What a great find for your photo-heart connection! Wonderful old latch with incredible color and texture around it. Others might interpret this image as being locked out, but you see this as a message to move on and find a new way — I admire your positive attitude!

    1. Gina,
      I appreciate your comment, and though I try to have a positive attitude there are times, as we all know, that it is a real challenge. I think I have met those closed doors many times in life and have learned to keep on.

  2. Deb – what is it about doors and locks that draw our attention? This one is so lovely – even worn through weather and time, the engraving is still visible on the doorplate and latch – such care taken to add a tiny bit of beauty to a mundane object. Love the textures and subtle color palette. Your interpretation of its possible meaning – to find a new path, a new door, a new way to move forward – a lesson we can all use.

  3. I love your response to the closed door! You never know what awaits you when you move on and open the next door! Love your image; wonderful textures and fascinating door latch!

  4. i like your take on this.. that a closed door isn't necessarily a block. A closed door can tell you to go find another one that works for you. Great image and words. A perfect selection for PHC for March.

  5. I agree with Marji, it's a great point of view. A closed door is not a roadblock, just a detour. I love the textures in this photo! So much to see. Thanks for linking in to the Photo-Heart Connection!

    1. Becky,
      It does! Looking at and photographing this old antique shop brought up lots of questions/thoughts about what had been there. If those walls could talk what would they tell us now?
      I appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I really like old door handles, locks & latches, love the colours & textures in this shot. I think trying another door is a good option!

  7. Wonderful marriage of text and image! Love the composition and textures in this capture. I find doors fascinating, also, especially old ones like this.

  8. I love the history this door represents, the textures are wonderful too. The idea of possibility behind the door is intriguing. – Susan

  9. This is a great photo, and it is a wonderful gift when an image "speaks" to us or causes us to stop and think. It becomes so much more than just a nice photo. I think it is great to share our feelings with each other.

  10. I enjoyed both your picture and your thoughts about the door. We all have faced doors that we have closed ourselves or ones that seemed really hard to open. But it is what we do about those doors that matter. I'm not sure I will ever look at a door in exactly the same way since your post. Thank you!

  11. I love the old latch on that door and the signs of wear and tear and the story they tell. I like the way you read the symbolism of that closed door and how it seems to push you to find another opening, a new way of getting to where your new path will take you!

  12. Oh, Deborah, I love this post! I love the image of the door latch, and even more I love how you took that image and created the image for my imagination of 'finding a new way to go forward.' Absolutely wonderful.

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