Scavenger Hunt April 1st

The prompts are clouds, sun flare, seven, high angle, and low angle. 
Here are images for 4 of those 5,
taken on a field trip yesterday to this place.
Clouds… made for a very gray and chilly day up on Lake Erie yesterday.
Seven….tundra swans at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
(cue the music –  “seven swans a swimming…”)
High angle… I took this from a platform in the area where there is an eagle’s nest at
the Magee Marsh (next to the Wildlife Refuge).
Low angle….the shore of Lake Erie at Magee Marsh

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  1. Was singing before you "cued the music"…that's a wonderful find. Pretty low angle too. We had some of that gray here too.

    1. Susan, that song did not even come to my mind until I created this post. The swans were mesmerizing. The other gals with me yesterday also got some great images of these birds. It was a great experience!

  2. One of you SEVEN swans looks like it's double headed at first! Great shot.
    Isn't living near the Great Lakes – great? LOL! I'm about an hour from the shore of Lake Michigan.

    1. Patti, I know what you mean! At first I thought perhaps they were smooching, but then my senses caught hold of me…

      The Great Lakes region is beautiful, and living this close Lake Erie and the natural beauty is really a gift.

  3. Deb – you have captured the beautiful wildness of Ohio's northern shore. Seven swans – pretty amazing find and perfect for the prompt.

  4. How perfect that these seven swans were swimming together for you! I love the feel of all of these! A little mysterious and quiet! My favorite would be the first one! Beautiful textures and composition! I'm glad we got to see more of your day! When you posted yesterday, I wondered how you could just pick one photo!! Now I know, you were saving some for today!!

    1. There were actually more swans in the group and I had cropped this image…before I counted the number of swans.

      You are right, it was hard to pick just one image yesterday! I'm looking forward to another trip to this same place in May, with the same gals. The number of birds there is amazing, and the sound! Oh my, it's like heaven! No city noises, just the quiet sounds of nature.

  5. Deb, I love all of these. The quiet monochromatic tone of all of them is very peaceful and meditative. I love the Seven Swans, especially the one who's looking in the opposite direction from all the rest. That made me smile. There's one in every group shot, isn't there, that just won't go along with the crowd?

  6. Very nice shots! I especially like the low angle waves, you caught them at the perfect moment. Where do you find your scavenger hunt themes? I've seen these posts from you before and have to say it sounds fun.

    1. Shelly,

      Below the last photo of this post is a little picture with a magnifying glass…it is actually a link to the website that hosts Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

      The words for next week are New, Life, Fragrant, Pink, and Obvious. Even if you don't post the images online it's fun to try to come up with photos that fit those prompts! Why don't you join us?

      Anyone can participate. There is a link tool that participants can use to direct people back to their own blog where they have posted their photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. And each week we are given a new list of five words to use as prompts for the next Sunday.

      Ashley Sisk is the photographer who does this. She also has a lot of tutorials on her website for using Photoshop to do various things.

  7. Any picture with water in it is a favorite of mine. Nice ones.
    Thanks for letting Shelly know about Ashley's tutorials, I'm new and didn't know about them.

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