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While at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge today with some folks from  our local photography club, we photographed these tundra swans, which you can learn about here. There was quite a group of them that let us snap away for quite a while…it was a beautiful site to see.
If the weather had cooperated and been quite a bit warmer we would have stayed longer, but that combination of wind off Lake Erie and temps only in the 40’s really made it uncomfortable.  
The best part of the day was sharing this experience with two gals that I have become friends with through the club. The three of us road together, sharing great conversations about photography, about life in general, about enjoying our hobby, and about where-can-we-go-next-and-get-some-great-photos.  We are definitely planning a trip back to the Wildlife Refuge in May. 
I took about a hundred photos and have whittled that down quite a bit. I chose to share this one today because of the beauty of the tundra swans, and also because it reminds me that the three of us did some smooth sailin’ of our own today. And for all this I’m very grateful.

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  1. It was a great time and this is a great shot! I hope we can keep getting out there and having some photography adventures. 🙂

  2. A trio of lovely swans and a new trio of friendship. A day can't get any better than that! How lucky you are to have this wider circle of photographers with which to share.

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