While I Was Sitting There

While I sat by the living room window I made this list of twenty-three things I noticed….

  • The evening sky with the soft golden glow of the setting sun
  • A jet contrail as it soared Westward, it’s white ‘smoke’ punctuating the sky
  • Young tender green leaves on maple tree, fluttering in a cold spring breeze
  • My kitten sitting before me, curious as ever, hoping for attention – or to be let outside
  • Daffodils that are fading, withering ever so slightly, remnants of their glory days
  • The bird feeder tray, full of shelled sunflower seeds, a veritable smorgasbord for our many feathered friends
  • The Midas touch of golden evening sunlight upon the metal surface of another bird feeder
  • Lush green grass that needs mowed a second time already – so early in the spring
  • The houses across the street, all build after WWII, ranch style homes in various styles
  • The head lights on a van as it approaches, lights that seem too bright for this time of day
  • A woman walking by, wearing a thick knitted cap, a green jacket, and braced against the cold air
  • Excitement, fear, and alertness in the eyes of that same kitten as he senses the arrival of a stranger (though it’s one  of our friends…)
  • The curving sidewalk leading to our front steps, it’s graceful S curve
  • The twitching tail of the other cat, sitting now in the window and watching for something…anything
  • My husband entering the house after being gone, rubbing his hands together to make them warm
  • The reflection of tree limbs in a car window as it drives by
  • The texture of corduroy fabric on a foot stool
  • The silhouette of a bird flying high in the tree tops
  • Thin, wispy clouds, turning a warm golden color in the evening sky, moving rapidly with the Northwest wind
  • Blue flags on wires stuck in the ground, marking a utility location
  • Two boys riding together on a motorized scooter, the kind you stand on
  • My neighbor, who’s yard is Perfect, using his leaf blower in the near darkness to move some kind of debris off the grass
  • The hush of nightfall, the growing darkness covering the sky, the warm glow of lights in the  house inviting me to stay
(This was a writing exercise for the Scintilla Project (link shown below) which ends in just a couple days. The prompt was simply to write a list of 23…and I chose to write what I saw around me as I sat in the house.  Give it a try yourself! It is amazing what you notice when you are intentional about it.)      (The photo is added just ’cause I liked it…I don’t see that view outside my window…)

9 Replies to “While I Was Sitting There”

  1. Really wonderful list. I joined the project but as yet to write anything. But at least I have all the prompts. Love the tone of your image!!

    1. Thank you, Deanna! I used a 'preset' thing in Lightroom to get this look in the photo. As for the writing prompts, they are a good starting point. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the exercise as much as I have!

  2. I'd love to see a photo of what you DO see outside your window. You have a great list here! I love your attention to all the small details around you. Your comment about your neighbor, whose yard is Perfect (with a capital P) made me smile.

    1. Well now, I'll just have to work on that!

      We have wonderful neighbors all around us, and this one in particular is very good at keeping their yard in perfect shape. We've often noted that all the dandelions have left his yard and are now in ours…

    2. I used to have a neighbor who kept a perfect lawn. He didn't understand why I wouldn't spray to eliminate my dandelions, but all year I looked forward to the weeks in spring when my "weedy" lawn would become a calico quilt of green grass, yellow dandelions, and deep blue violets. Despite our philosophical differences, he was a great neighbor, and generous in sharing his home grown tomatoes!

  3. Deborah, you are so gifted in using words! Your writing makes me shut out everything and draws me in! You describe everything so well, I feel that I'm there with you seeing it! This is a great prompt, I may try it!

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