Being this age

both needed to get out and walk today so we chose a local park, one we
had not visited for a while. The weather has been unusually warm, but
now it is cooling off a bit, more like March should be. Our walk was
long, leisurely, accompanied by the sounds of birds, a gentle breeze,
and some sunshine.  We sometimes walk hand in hand, in the same cadence,
but other times I am snapping photos while he patiently waits.
met people of all ages on the paved trail, a father and daughter on
bicycles, a mother and teenage daughter jogging together – mom trying to
keep up, couples enjoying a walk just as we were, and an older man
slightly out of breath after going uphill.  There were a couple of
people out walking or jogging all alone, listening to their tunes, and a
few people taking their dogs out for a stroll.  
of them seem to represent a part of my own life that has been lived
already, just in a different place and time. The time has gone so
incredibly fast…and it seems like yesterday I was riding my own bike,
not a care in the world. Then there were babies to take care of and then
teaching them how to ride their own bikes.  Being the mom trying to
keep up, and one day simply walking that path alone. 
good about being this age, all of fifty-seven years old, is that I can
see this and know where I have been. I’ve learned to let go of the idea
of perfection, to relax and not sweat the small stuff and the big stuff,
and I’ve come to understand that life has been exactly what it was
supposed to be for my journey.  It’s a struggle to remember and live all
that each and every day, but I do the best I can. 
behind me is the path I have traveled. Straight and level in spots,
crooked and filled with ruts in others. Happy stories all along the way,
but some painful and embarrassing ones, too.  But all in all, it’s been
lies before is a mystery. I’m standing here on one side of the bridge,
where I can only see just so far, knowing it leads to something more,
having faith that the path will be where I’m supposed to go.  

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  1. What a beautiful image to illustrate your wise words. I love that feeling of anticipation – wanting to see what is on the other side. To experience whatever is coming.

    1. Brenda,
      I had in mind what I wanted to say and thought I'd see if my photos from yesterday would "fit"…and as you see, this one did that perfectly. As I looked at the image it became clear that this was where the message was for me. It was kind of an "Aha!" moment.

      I so appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Great post, Deborah. I can relate to much of what you've said here. I have to say that my life hasn't turned out as I imagined it would when I was younger, but it has been my life after all, and I'm happy in my own skin. The future probably won't be exactly as I envision it, either, but it's that mystery, that element of surprise, that keeps things interesting.

    1. Lee, I appreciate what you are saying. Even though that mystery does make life interesting there are times when I'd really like to see in the magic glass ball and find out what's coming. Then I realize that I'd probably be terrified if I were able to do that. Mysterious, surprising, and interesting make for a richer life.

  3. This is beautiful, so true that life moves so quickly through the various stages. Good to acknowledge what has been & look forward to the future & enjoy the present.

  4. Wonderful thoughts Deborah. I know my head isn't in that place-but it would be helpful if it were. Maybe soon. Sounds like a lovely walk where open space gave time for head space and visual delight and reminders. Love the image you choose. Really well done. Jus sayin' again-you do yourself a touch of discredit with that blog title-your pictures are not taken by one who is "learning"-oh who am I to judge? They look good to me, that's what I mean.

    1. Susan, I like you just where you are because that makes you Susan, and I don't think any of us would want you any other way.

      Thanks for your very supportive and kind comments about my photos and stuff.

  5. We've both been through several stages in our lives. I like your lovely image that represents the anticipation of future stages and the mystery of what's over the bridge for us!

  6. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, because now I have found yours….we seem to have much in common…I have two married kids and wonderful new in laws. We were blessed in December with our first grandson. Photography has been my passion and stress re-leaser…finding time with God as I snap away. Your photos and writings are wonderful, looking forward to visiting again… Anita

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