Scavenging in the kitchen

Today’s Scavenger Hunt photos are brought to you by “black and white” and “in the kitchen”.
The prompts are noted in the text under each photo.
(whimsy) I have lost my marbles. 

(create) So I decided to make a chocolate cake. 
(I use the recipe on the Hershey Cocoa container. Yummy!)

(dust) There is usually a cloud of dust when I start up the mixer.

(seed) These beans have nothing to do with chocolate cake, 
but they are seeds. And they are in my kitchen.
(drop) Oh. Cake. Drop blobs of icing on the cooled cake and spread it around.
(extra credit…) A good cook always tests what she creates.
(dropped) Dropped a few crumbs there.
My cake may not be pretty, but it really really tastes good!
The bigger the mess the better the cake, right?

41 Replies to “Scavenging in the kitchen”

  1. I love your takes on the prompts, and I love a good chocolate cake! It's my favorite.
    P.S. I think I've lost my marbles some days too 😉

  2. Deb – what a great series – love the black and white treatment. And I couldn't agree more as far as that testing the results. The best part of baking is licking the bowl.

  3. This is a creative set Deborah….you looked pleased as punch (love that saying) with the tasting. Lose those marbles anytime, you totally made this work.

  4. Such a fun post!! I absolutely love your dialog!! This is such a great group in black and white!! My favorite is your tasting shot!! Perfect!!

    1. Thanks, Marcie. My own personal favorite is the marbles. All these were originally in color, and when I changed the marbles to b&w it just looked so different and interesting. I appreciate your comments!

  5. So not fair, there's no cake in my house and I want some now!!

    Love that these are b/w, looks more intersting that way.

    Great self timer of you taste testing, love that job!!

    Laughing at your first photo, that is so good!!

    Your a queen at these prompts!

  6. Very enjoy series. Got a good chuckle over your Whimsy – I too have occasionally "lost my marbles"
    Seed – Okay I laughed on this one too, mainly because of your caption as to how it did not relate to the chocolate cake!
    Which by the way did look yummy.

  7. I enjoyed watching you work in your kitchen, making your cake. It looks delicious and I wish I had some. I love the marbles, too. They look good in black and white. I like the light shining through them.

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