The Simplest Pleasure

Windmill at Litzenberg Memorial Woods
In the middle of the day I took a break for lunch. Took care of the phones in the office, locked the front door, hung up the ‘out to lunch’ sign, and headed out the door. I placed one foot on the threshold and stepped outside.  The warm spring air and sunshine fell upon my face, and automatically I took a nice, deep breath.  

Springtime air. Warm breezes, damp earth, new grass that has been mowed for the first time, sweet fragrances of flowering trees and plants, and freshly plowed farm land. There is no sweeter aroma, no simpler pleasure than this.

4 Replies to “The Simplest Pleasure”

  1. Next time…."gone fishing". No one has to know it's for beautiful scenes, places to photo and wonderful air and sunshine. Love this rustic windmill.

  2. Good for you to hang out that "out to lunch" sign! We all need those moments, moments like this to experience the simple pleasures. Love the way the light shines differently on each blade.

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