This is Day 7 of the Scintilla Project, and the prompt I chose to use has to do with tribes.  The challenge is to list all of the tribes we belong to, cultural, literary, personal…and then talk about the experience of being in your element in these tribes.

Synonyms for tribe include word like association, blood, caste, clan, class, division, dynasty, house, ilk, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, seed, society, sort, stock, and type.  The most interesting definition to me was that tribe can be a “flexibly defined community of convenience.”

The tribes I belong to, or have claimed to be a part of, include words like female, daughter, sister, wife, mom, grandma. Then there is American, Midwesterner, women of faith, baby boomer…and did I say grandma? (Oh, yes, I did!) There is also cat lover, blogger, photographer.  

Heavily influenced by too much TV as a kid, and many Cowboy and Indian programs which I seemed to have watched a lot of, my idea of tribe includes these ideas:

  • To be in the tribe, you become one of Them.
  • You dress like Them.
  • Act like Them.
  • Think like Them.
  • You unite in their cause, even going into battle with Them if necessary.
  • Or sit around the fire an enjoy the proverbial peace pipe.
  • And there is paint.  Applied to the body.
  • You identify with Them…even dwell with Them.
Grandma and Garrett doing their war cry… sharing a freak out pose. Solo the dog pretends to sleep.
The Tribe in which I am most in my element is in that Grandma Tribe.  (Surprised aren’t you?)
I have become one of Them.  It is the best time of my life. You can tell because…
  • I dress like Them…trying to hide the cellulite and bulges as best I can.
  • I think like Them. (No one else’s grandkid is a cute as mine..)
  • I am united in Their cause…I will do all I can to spoil this kid.  Then give him back.
  • I may not ever go to battle with them because I don’t like violence; however, I will make a fool of myself just to get the kid to laugh or smile (as shown in photo above).
  • As for an occasional peace pipe? A glass of wine will do nicely.
  • Paint? Makeup can hide a lot of stuff.
  • I do identify with Grandmas. I understand why we cry when these babies are born. 
  • Dwell with the Grandmas? Na.  But if Nathan should ever build that extra room on the back of his house….I’m there.
To learn more about The Scintilla Project click on this link. You will find a prompt archive that shows what all the writing prompts have been.  And there is a blog roll where you can read other articles on the web that are part of this project.  Enjoy!

7 Replies to “Tribe”

  1. Love this post and that photo is just gorgeous! I think my favourite line is "I will do all I can to spoil this kid. Then hand him back". That sentence totally sums up 'grandma' for me. 🙂

  2. Oh, Mom, this made my day! (I'll make sure Nathan reads this one.)
    Can't wait to see you and Mark in TWO WEEKS! Maybe I'll bring a bottle of wine for us to share. Love you!

  3. Such a fun post, Deb! I am so grateful to be part of the grandma tribe — a dream come true for me! Grandchildren are the dessert that comes after a long and complicated meal. Pure joy!

  4. You wear GrandMa very well. It is so fun when we become one with our grand child. It definitely takes you to an awesome happy place. My 2 1/2 year granddaughter had me trying to ride her tricycle. She thought I was funny. Ridiculous, yes. Fun, TOTALLY. It's those times they remember.

  5. Let's hear it for the Grandma tribe! 🙂 Our grandson will be here in two weeks for Easter – can't wait! The only bad part about being a grandma for me is that our grandson lives 8 hours away. So we only get to be the "occasional" grandparents. Absolutely adore your photo – I have similar ones of my son, who made similar faces when he was the same age as Garrett.

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