An experience

The prompt I chose today is to talk about an experience with faith, your own or someone else’s.

Photography is a blessing for me. As I have looked through that view finder at so many incredible things in the natural world, what I once took for granted are now precious gifts. I have been thinking of what to write all day for this, but after going out in my yard with my camera this evening and photographing these flowers, it became clear that this was an experience of faith, or trust, or belief.  Beneath it all is a power that moves beyond my understanding.
The evening sun shining through these daffodils reminds me that there is a powerful sustaining force that causes the earth’s angle to change, bringing spring just when we are ready for it.
Just noticing the colors bursting forth in the grasses, the trees, the blooming plants all around… how fortunate I am to have the health, the eyesight, the ability to get out and around, just so I can take this all in. 
Even the most humble of flowers, the smallest, the least obvious, has a purpose.  Which reminds me that all of us have our own unique purpose, too.
And as plants that are different can co-exist in the same patch of dirt, my experience teaches me that we all can do that, too…co-exist, learn to live side by side, on this same planet.
Through my lens, I am made more and more aware of how delicate the balance is in our environment, how important it is for us to be good stewards of this home we are blessed with.  As long as we remain conscious of this, and take care of this earth, we can continue enjoy the gifts of spring and every other season.

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing post! The photos, the words. It is EXACTLY how I feel. What once I never saw, never noticed, became alive through my lens. God truly new that I needed to SEE the blessings He gives freely everyday in order for my faith to grow. Thank you so much!

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