I got by with it…

The prompt, or question, I chose today is
“Talk about a time when you got away with it.”
Here is where my heart has lead me…
When it’s not popular to be authentic, how do we get by with it?
How do we get by with it, this Being Real, in a world that worships
the Perfect Persona?
If our culture is telling us to wear a mask,
and we choose not to wear it,
what then?
When society wanted me to be young with flawless skin,
I escaped by getting older,
and gaining wrinkles and dark spots.
I got by with it.
When my ego wanted me to control and cling to my children,
I cried, let go of them, and watched them grow
and become who they are meant to be.
I got by with it.
When man tried to tell me I was
not smart enough to understand God,
and that I needed to listen to man,
I learned to listen to my heart,
and found God and Goddess dwelling there.
I still get by with it.
And when institutions and society tried to 
pressure me into being perfection,
I woke up from being miserable,
counted my flaws and accepted them,
and finally came to a place of peace.
I have escaped with my soul intact.
Deborah L. Tisch

5 Replies to “I got by with it…”

  1. I love the way your wrote this and that you DID WRITE THIS!! You are getting away with it sooooo gracefully my sweet friend.

    Glad you liked my photo of the sky, it's nice when I get that chance to show you an awesome picture like you do for me!! I'm loving this weather again today, my hubby even came home early and is working in the garden. Hope you got to enjoy some sun also.

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