My everyday

It begins.
I wake up carefully because I want to remember and record a dream I had. First thing I do is write it in my journal, save it for later.
Loving greetings from my husband, my best friend. And, of course, from two frisky cats.
Morning ritual. Bathing, grooming, eating, flossing, dressing.  Preparing to greet the world.
I make my way to work, noticing spring everywhere, and I’m still surprised that it’s here already.
Then it feels like I step into another world, with office machinery and furnishings, computers, phones ringing, filing, calculating, check writing.
A reprieve comes when I leave for lunch. Get outdoors, breath the air, feel the sun on my back. A good conversation and laughter with my husband. 
Back in my office, I take out my little green notebook from my purse so I can jot down what I want to remember about my everyday.  One of my notes tells me to “focus on WORK!”.
I return home, greeted by a happy cat, rolling on the sidewalk over and over again in sheer happiness. And out on the front step is Mark, sitting with the cat who now is enjoying a little freedom outdoors. I breathe in the warm air and realize this is the happiest part of the day. Being reunited with those I love.
I discover in all this that the Days become boring and mundane until I purposely become aware of what I do in my everyday.  How can I know unless I am right here in this moment?
It ends with me writing, listening to the sound of the keyboard as it clicks away. Feeling the cool night air moving in the room from the opened windows on this warm evening. Hearing the sounds of night moving in, as birds have hushed now, and there is a far off sound of a train. 

6 Replies to “My everyday”

  1. What a great post Deb, love your everyday. It is true we forget sometimes in our hustle how good it is. Taking that time to slow down and really see and hear what is going on reminds us what we have. I love when my kids get home and even when hubby comes home. I love my life and want to savor every moment of it.

    Can you believe this gorgeous weather we are having, seriously how great this is. The kids are wearing shorts and flip flops to school and we play outside everyday and moving bedtime up farther to enjoy it all. I hope it stays this way thru spring and into summer. LOVE IT!!
    Thanks for sharing this sweet post on your everyday, it sounds perfect!

  2. I love these words…"until I purposely become aware of what I do in my everyday." When we are just going through the motions it is just another day, but when we stop to appreciate or consider just the smallest thing it makes that day special. What a beautiful post Deb.

  3. Deb – how simply beautiful to follow you through an "ordinary" day and discover that it isn't really "ordinary" at all but filled with love and wonder.

  4. Sounds like you have a lovely routine, Deb! It's taken me a long time to learn to appreciate the little things, but I'm getting there. Being present is so important, isn't it?

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