Scavenging again

Here are my choices for today’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Vintage – an old Chevy truck at that antique store last weekend. See the little brick under the front tire, keeping the truck from rolling away?

Word or Quote – This wooden box reads “Baker’s Condition Powders for diseases of stock and poultry. You can’t afford to be without them.”  This came from an auction probably in the 70’s. 

Nature’s Own – light show among a field of grass, taken yesterday.

People at a restaurant, before the lunch rush arrived. I used my LG phone for this.

Photographer’s Choice – a favorite from a few days ago. 

13 Replies to “Scavenging again”

  1. You did it again. Great set. Loved the old truck and did notice the brick. People made me laugh but your choice is just wonderful. Thanks

  2. Deb – love the straight-on shot of the old truck – it has such a personality, almost as if it has a face, getting all geared up to tell us its story. Which I'm sure would be an interesting one. What wonderful faded green tones – you can imagine what it looked like in its shiny heydey.

  3. I would be totally smitten with truck as subject. What is it about old vehicles? Duck in reflection-yum, and of course I love that beautifully lit nature shot. have a great day.

  4. Very beautiful shots again, Deb. And what I like so very much about this post is that the color scheme of all five photos work so very well together – BEAUTIFUL !!!

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