Bright spot

One of my very favorite things to do is take walks with Mark as the weather allows.  This evening, on this very spring like day, we went to a favorite park and just enjoyed seeing the little signs of spring.

There were geese on the pond and I think I took over 80 images! Of those I have whittled out several, choosing this one to share with you.  There was a bit of sunlight reflecting just the right way on the bank over there, creating a bright spot for a brief time. 

I’m so grateful for that walk this evening, the warm air, the sunset, the geese, buds coming out on trees, families with children playing in the park.  It was, indeed, the bright spot of my day.

Now if I can just get used to this time change…..

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    1. Suzy, yes, I agree completely! Back in the days of film I would not have dreamed of taking so many images. On the flip side, though, maybe my composition skills need improvement. Food for thought.

  1. What a gorgeous spot of light and lovely bluish tones in the reflections! I like how we can see the path the geese take as they glide smoothly through the water.

    I completely understand about the time change – it seems the older I get, the harder it becomes to adjust to these types of changes.

  2. Yes, the time change. I love the light at the end of the day, but oh it's hard getting up in the dark again! This is such a lovely photo, Deb. I love the way spring starts at the ground with the grasses and works its way up.

    1. Spring really is lovely to watch as it arrives. It is so unusually warm from the middle of March, and I was expecting to see more signs of spring in the woods, but it is still too early.

  3. How peaceful and pretty this spot is. The weather has been so nice and it's making me so happy this week. I even sat outside and sketched with the warm sun on me. I love that you have a gorgeous park by you. We have a few but not this nice.

    The time change has made me very tired and cranky this week, lol

  4. What a lovely scene!! I love the bright spot and it's reflection and the geese reflections! Just so peaceful and full of the promise of spring!

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