Scavenger Hunt 3-11-12

Warning: Scavenger Hunt Sunday photo prompts can be addicting.  Try as you may to avoid it, once you have participated a couple of times you will find feel it’s magnetic pull every weekend….  I’m just sayin’….

The prompts for today are water, light, chocolate, animal, and crowded.   Here is my interpretation.
Water in a pond, found as I took a walk in the park this week.
Water 2. Same pond, different view. I love the reflections, the colors, the light.
Light.  A simple roll of paper towels, sitting where the sun was shining on them through a window.
Chocolate..actually chocolate chunks purchased by mistake instead of chocolate chips!
Animal #1 – Did you think I’d have any other kind of animal for this prompt?
Animal #2 – Yes, I try to give equal “exposure” to both boys here.  (Pardon the pun.)
Crowded. These finches are all hiding in our pine tree during a heavy rain. Do you see all five of them?

22 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt 3-11-12”

  1. Your cat pics are my faves…gorgeous light for both. That's a cute little lady bug along for the ride. Your light shot-fun subject but you made it extra special.

  2. Beautiful – the photo of the finches almost looks like a painting! What a great idea to take a picture of the paper towel roll – it looks gorgeous. Do we ever pay attention to the beautiful texture of these papers? Since I love cats I of course adore your cat boys – fabulous little guys. And images of water? Always lovely – so interesting how different water always is.

  3. That photo of the finches is just spectacular! And great job on the "light" photo..who would have thought that paper towels would turn out so great? 🙂

  4. This is such a great set! Glad to see you back, I missed you last Sunday!! As I scrolled through I was struck by all the beautiful textures you captured this week. Your finch image is so beautiful! It would sure make a wonderful Christmas card!!

  5. Deb, these are all so beautiful, each one better than the one before it! I do love your kitties in that gorgeous light, and the finches photo is a really special shot. The paper towels are lovely. Who ever even notices things like that? I'm glad you do!

  6. Deb – fantastic collection! The abstract water reflections; the gorgeous light on the paper towels; the sunlight shining through the ears of your cats and the amazing hidden finches – this one could grace a card or calendar – really lovely. And I'm sure you will find a use for those chocolate chunks, right?

  7. I love your collection Deborah — but so special are your kitties and the finches. Magnificent.

    Thank so much for visiting and leaving a thoughtful comment on my blog. 🙂

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