Rain today

It’s raining here today. 
Spring will soon be here.
Yesterday I brought home the poinsettia 
that had been sitting on my desk at work these two months.
Soon I will replace it with a spring plant, maybe some tulips.
I’m amazed at how “happy” this flower has been, and continues to be.
Now it sits on my kitchen table, where this morning I noticed how
beautiful the red leaves look against the gray light of a rainy morning.
How is the weather where you are?

12 Replies to “Rain today”

  1. I like this collage you put together. I'm not a fan of the rain, but that touch of red lessens the gray mood. I should buy myself some tulips, but I'm a lousy gardener…maybe something easier, like daffs. happy day, wishing you sun tomorrow.

  2. You are so lucky having such a beautiful poinsettia and keeping it going. Every time I have bought one it dies within a couple of weeks so now I do not bother…..there must be a certain knack to them being happy and thriving, something which escapes me! Our weather today is quite cool but also quite mild out of the wind and sunny and cloudy but as yet, no rain.

  3. Deb – yes, we have rain here in Canton as well so I was forced into indoor shooting as well. Lovely collage of rain-soaked scenes and that pop of poinsetta red.

  4. These are beautiful rainy day images!! I love how you turned a dreary day into something beautiful!! It's raining here, very dark, and thundering. I was able to get out for a while this morning during a small break.

  5. First look I thought I was back at Christmas…beautiful poinsettia, hard to imagine it still looking this great. Lovely collage for a rainy day.

    1. I think this was a very healthy plant to begin with, and that has made the difference. Plus I kept it on my desk and didn't move it around. It was in protected place, and I watered it a couple times a week. Seems to have kept it going!

  6. Beautiful photos! Bali is sunny and warm in the morning and rainy and warm in the afternoons this time of year. Lots of beautiful green and the blossoms are so vibrant.

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