Like a Leaf in Water

Last weekend I really tried to avoid blogging and being online, feeling the need to just pull back and do other things.  As a result, I did not participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday (SHS) as I had been, and though it felt odd not to do that it also was nice to just relax and enjoy some normal daily activities.  Like…reading a book, cleaning house a bit, taking a nap…you get the idea.

I do like the photo “prompts” that SHS gives each week because it challenges us to be creative with those lenses.  This week the words for our photo ideas include “water”…so today My Camera and I decided to see what we could see and explored a local park for a while.  

As I walked around the park, I heard the scratchy sound of a single leaf scraping along on the sidewalk on this very windy day.  When I turned around to see where it was headed, maybe to see if I could get a photo of it in the air, I saw that it had suddenly and quietly landed in the water.  The water has it now, firmly yet gently in its grip, letting it float along until it will get caught along the side of the pond in a trash heap or simply get so saturated that it sinks.

If you are at all like me, or even if you are not, you probably know how hard it is to sometimes “let go” of Stuff in life, especially thoughts that do not lift us up. Especially wrongs done to us by someone else. Especially hurts from the past, anger, unmet expectations.  Can you hear them as they scratch, scratch along in your mind, pestering you and returning even though you’re tired of them? 

What if we could simply let those thoughts fall into the water? You know, acknowledge them for what they are and let them go. (Maybe the image of drowning that leaf would work better in some cases….you decide.) Just as the sound from that leaf fluttering along the sidewalk suddenly became silent when it hit the water, imagine the quiet in your mind, the peace, the calm of letting go of what no longer serves us.  

I can say the for me, the image of the water catching that leaf and consuming it over time is powerful.  Maybe you know of other ways, different rituals, or exercises that help you let go of a burden.

Never will I say that this is easy. It certainly isn’t for me.  Yet today’s image just gives me the inspiration to try, and I hope it will for you, too.

10 Replies to “Like a Leaf in Water”

  1. I, too, find it is not easy, but at the same time we find beauty, so we don't miss much. I enjoyed reading that and the photo of the leaf that got away.

  2. Deb – what a beautiful image – I love the circular reflections and the way you have captured the flowing nature of the water and the leaf on its new journey.

    And most importantly, your words have given this image such a deeper meaning. Yes, we all have situations in our past which we would do best to let go of – let them metaphorically float away. To acknowledge them but then throw them into the water.

    1. Thanks, Brenda.
      I have read somewhere recently about a ritual of writing down our hurts and worries, then floating them down stream, as a way to release our troubles. This photo just brought that to mind so strongly..I think I'm going to have to actually do this.

  3. I agree with Brenda…love this photo. I'm glad you took the time to unplug a bit. I find little pockets of time when I need to step away from the blog too. It's like a giant merry go 'round spinning away, but I've learned it keeps going around and it's OK to sit out some trips around.
    Love how this "moment" offered so much food for thought for you.

  4. Beautiful words to go along with such a lovely photo! Oh, if we could just take your words to heart and really let the disappoinments and hurts from the past fall away, how much more peaceful we would be!! I missed your SHS post, but know exactly what you mean in the need to step back.

  5. What a lovely photo, Deb! I love your words as well. I'm having such difficulty just turning off the chatter in my mind right now…My "to do" list is endless, and I'm craving silence, solitude, and peace. It's not on my calendar though, so on it goes…

  6. Deborah, this is a beautiful photograph and message. As I look at it and read your words, I feel myself calming and breathing more deeply. I'm in a place in my life where I am physically letting go of a lot of things, which of course involves releasing the backstory that goes along with them. I'll be keeping this image in mind as I work my way through it. I think it will help.

  7. Oh yes, do I ever have that problem! I've been working on it but am still struggling. I love your description of how the water pulled in the leaf and how gentle it sounds, even the leaf drowning. I am going to try to visualize this with some of those things that pester my mind. Thanks for the new idea!

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