Haircut Day

Have you ever taken your camera into the beauty shop on purpose?
So that you can get a self portrait during a haircut? Talk about feeling vulnerable…
I so appreciate my hairdresser.  
She knows just how to twist and trim and shape and style my straight hair.
We often settle the problems of the world during my appointment.  
Haircut Day is almost a holy day.
Do you know what I’m sayin’ here?
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12 Replies to “Haircut Day”

  1. I took my camera in last summer & my hairdresser just laughed at me! Love my time at the salon — it just relaxes me so………

    1. Patti, I know just what you mean about that relaxing thing. What is it about someone else washing and messing with your hair that relaxes us? Maybe it's just being pampered. Whatever it is…I love it!

  2. Deb, you are a very brave woman! I seldom feel as unattractive as I do when I'm sitting in that chair, straggly wet hair hanging around my face, waiting in trepidation to see what's going to happen this time. But you've inspired me. I'm going to a new stylist for a haircut on Thursday. Maybe I'll take my camera with me. But I'm not promising to publish the results. I am NOT a brave woman at all!

    1. You have no idea how many photos from this have been Deleted! Maybe I appear brave…thanks for the compliment…but I don't feel very brave. Interestingly, I think this self image project is making me do things I never would have thought of. Like today. A common occurrence in life, one that I otherwise would not have documented.

  3. I love that you took your camera to the salon, Deb! You just reminded me that I am WAY overdue for my own trip…better make that appointment.

    So much love to you, my friend,


  4. I have considered it. She probably wouldnt mind but I have been too shy to ask. You've inspired e to go for it. I just love my hairdresser and she's become a dear friend as well and I'd lie to document that

  5. It really is like a holy day! At the salon I go to here, they offer a mini shoulder and scalp massage. I used to schedule an appointment during finals week every quarter just to relax.

    I LOVE how your hair and her right hand are in focus with the rest out in the second photo.

  6. Oh Deb, I love you more with each post. I agree it is a holy day for me also. At my salon they give you a arm/hand massage and scalp massage, it nearly puts me to sleep. She is 20 years younger then me so she is a hoot to listen to and she loves hearing about my married life and that I scrapbook. She loves when I bring the camera and wishes to be like me when she grows up, so she says!!

    Who did these beautiful photos for you, are they all by self-timer?? They came out so wonderful and perfect. Seriously love this!!

    Oh and my hairdresser is so good with my hair I always tease her to come over in the mornings and do this for me. She says "YES" each time and says I have to make her breakfast though, lol

    Have a wonderful day, hope your not getting as much wind as us but let us both get lots of sunshine today. My kids wore their spring coats today!!

  7. One of my favorite things in life is to have someone else wash my hair – is that the definition of indulgence or what? And I completely understand about the straight hair thing, as I share the same characteristic – straight as a poker and baby fine. Great selfies – especially love the close-up of her hands at work.

  8. What a coincidence! I got my hair cut today today! I'm not sure I'd ever be brave enough to take my camera though!! These are wonderful self portraits!

  9. To have someone else wash my hair is a pleasure, too, but it would be even more so if it were done by Robert Redford! (As in Out of Africa when he washes Meryl Streep's hair and sings to her..) Nice black & white photos capturing the moments.

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