Winter Sky

It’s all about those wide open vistas, rolling plains, tree covered acres, and colorful clouds, weather that you can see coming and going.  

And then there is the heat, the cold, the rain, snow, sleet, hail, storms, and did I mention sunshine?  

There’s wind that can at times be unrelenting, howling all night long, but at other times just a soft breeze to cool you off.  

Bugs that chirp in the late night hours, summer bugs I call them.  

Farm land that stretches for miles, waiting for the farmer to plant and cultivate that rich soil.

Then on a winter day you can look up and see scenes like this one.

That’s just some of what I love about the Midwest. 

6 Replies to “Winter Sky”

  1. As a fellow Midwesterner and Ohioan, I completely understand your love of our state. This image makes a great "horizontal band" image, with the brown band of the land and the alternating bands of blue sky and white puffy clouds. Let's hear it for Ohio!

  2. I loved that about the Midwest, too, during my five years in Ohio. And the fireflies!! It was the first time I'd ever seen them. Pure magic! Your photo is beautiful in a very quiet way.

  3. I love my big beautiful sky also, this is a great image of Midwest. Some days all I need to do is walk out back and stare up at the amazing sky, so different everyday and it keeps me going thru the winter.

    Love what you've been sharing on your blog Deb, reading it always makes me happy and feels just like "HOME" thank you for that.

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