According to my old encyclopedia, the word vine usually means a plant that has a weak and flexible stem requiring some kind of support. Some vines can climb walls, trellises, or other plants, while others creep along the ground. Some have tendrils which wind around their support, and others have disks which cling to the object which they are climbing. 

You can see those little disks on this vine, holding onto the painted wood like suction cups, spread out like the fingers on your hand.  Something about this image really speaks to me, but since I took this at the beginning of the month I have not been able to really understand why.  Today I think I have a better insight into that.

This vine gets its strength by being connected through those little finger like projections. Each little disk attached to that wall makes it that much stronger. If you have ever tried to remove an old vine from a wall you’ll understand just how strong a grip all these little connectors have.

We all long for connection. Sometimes, even if surrounded by family and friends, we may be challenged to find those we really feel close to, who understand us, love us for who we are, and support us, maybe share that cup of coffee with us now and then. I’m talking about friendships that build us up, that make us better people, that make us stronger in a spiritual sense.  I think we have all been blessed now and then with those friends who do just that…people who touch our lives in beautiful ways.

We need each other. Plain and simple.  We need to push back from the computer desk and call that friend who is always there for us and spend some time together. Or take a walk in the park or around the block and just share the fresh air together. 

Because each time we do something that reinforces that connection we are all made stronger. Life is a little more bearable when shared.

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  1. Oh my, there must be a force with us today in the connection category! Boy I feel every word you wrote here and possibly more so today because of the connection to my photo. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Such a beautiful image – I love the pattern of the vine against the wood texture – and beautiful colours. And your words are so powerful, I love your insight and how you've expressed it.

  3. I love your description of connectedness and how the image of the vine so perfectly illustrates that. As a self proclaimed hermit I need to get better at reaching out and making those connections, it's usually rewarding when I do.

  4. I always love photos of vines on walls And this is beautiful. And I love what you said about connecting too, important to have those friendship connections!

  5. I love this photo, and your thoughts about the connections of special friendships brought tears to my eyes. It's interesting how many of our photo-heart connections this month seem to relate to connecting with others.

  6. Such insight from a simple image – what a wonderful metaphor for what we all seek – real connections with others. And how those connections make us so much stronger than without.

  7. Beautifully written, Deb! You are so right about needed the connections, it's really what gives our lives meaning. I love the pattern of the vines on the wall.

  8. What a fabulous interpretation of your image and what a vine is and what we seek. so many of us find it right here in blog land too. I can see why this called to you-and glad you were able to put your finger on it…and share the wisdom too.

  9. Such a lovely photo and insight in to why it is such a mesmerizing lesson to be had. Amazing all that we can learn from nature. Thank you for sharing this profound photo and its "explanation".

  10. Such a powerful interpretation of your photo, Deb. The whole is stronger for all of those tiny connections, just like we are. Thank you so much for sharing your Photo-Heart Connection this month! I love it.

  11. oh wow…i love this deb. the photo and your words and the two together. in the busyness of everyday-ness it's so easy to lose sight of the importance of our connections with others. this was wonderful to read. thank you.

  12. This was a beautifully written post. Your words connected so powerfully to the image that you captured. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

  13. Beautiful post, beautiful picture. It comes to live for me and I know exactly what you mean about needing people and how they become entwined in our lives. Thank you for sharing so eloquently.

  14. What a thoughtful and thought-provoking message to accompany your photo. I'm one of those that lets busy-ness get in the way of the important connections you mention here. Thanks for a reminder of what's really important!

  15. your photo jeart connection is so strong. i love your image & your words. connection is so important & to find those that we can connect with on that level, even more so. thankyou for sharing

  16. I can see why this photo tugged at your heart! It is simple, yet so beautiful. The vine's connection to the wall teaches us all a very good lesson! Sometimes I get so tied up in photography and online friends, that I find myself neglecting the close friends and family that are near by! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  17. Your words ring so true, Deb–connection really is everything. And this photo is just gorgeous.

    I always feel fuller after coming here.

    Thank you, my friend,


  18. Beautiful image. Beautiful writing to go with it! What a powerful metaphor your photograph is for connection and for strength. I also see gracefulness in the midst of that strength and connection, too, through the tender and delicate branches of the vine. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the importance of and the gift of friendship.
    Juli (visiting from Kat's Photo-Heart connection.) Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. You are "spot on" my dear friend. I love how you can take a photo of something and understand that there is a deeper message. I LOVE your messages.

  20. Your words are beautiful and true. I have been recently thinking of the importance of connectedness for myself. I see here at least, the theme is universal. Thank you for your post.

  21. I really love this picture. The straight lines of the background and the wandering lines of the vines and leaves are wonderful… not to mention your lovely words!

  22. WOW what a great post, full of wise words and a perfect image. I need to make sure to see my good friends more, we always wait for the perfect day but it never seems to happen. Next time I will forget the chores and errands and go have lunch with my friend. Thanks Deb for being a wonderful and dear online friend!!

  23. A lovely explanation. Yes, vines do indeed get a strong grasp of connection, something so many of us human long for — stronger connections. I love the photo — so simple, perfect colors.

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