From my excursion in the fog last Thursday, a reflection of a tree 
in a pond. Perfectly still waters, mirroring the silhouette of a 
group of trees. 
Sometimes I wish there had been no fog.
But how can we appreciate clarity unless we have ourselves 
been in a fog now and then?
Sending you peace….on what has been a clear and sunny Monday.

11 Replies to “Clarity”

  1. Oh, so gorgeous, Deb. So serene and full of peace. Thank you for this breath of fresh air.

    Sending you love on this February evening,


  2. Deb – love this! I love how the reflection is clearer than the actual scene – showing us that the beautiful reality if always there for us to find, even when it is hard to see. Your thoughts about fog and clarity and how we need one to appreciate the other really resonates with me.

  3. Oh, this image is beautiful! Mysterious, yet so peaceful!! I think if we didn't have the foggy times in our life, we wouldn't appreciate the clear times as much!

  4. Fog in photography creates soft mystery and I like it very much. The reflection is peaceful and dreamy. You're so right…without fog would we know clarity? Have a wonderful day!

  5. I noticed the same thing as Brenda, that the reflected tree was clearer than the actual tree shrouded in the fog. Sometimes we just need to try a different perspective to find the clarity we are seeking. Thanks for this lovely post, Deb.

  6. This is beautiful!! It almost seems like I could walk into the picture and enjoy the clarity offered by a perfect foggy morning. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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