Scavenger Hunt 2-26

The Kitchen is my theme for today’s photos.  It was a challenge to see if I could make the words work for stuff found in that room, and I think it turned out pretty good!   The prompts for today are crossed, a glimpse, handwritten, bliss, and gray.

Crossed – as in the criss-cross pattern of this mesh bag holding onions

A Glimpse of yesterday through a vintage cookbook.  Old cookbooks often had lots of advice for a woman setting up housekeeping.  This one included a photo and article on how to take care of a sick child.  “Simple, easily digested food should be served to the sick. It should be attractively prepared to whet a jaded appetite.”   Maybe folks used to eat in bed like this guy, but that is something that does not happen in my world!  What about you?

Handwritten recipe by my Grandmother.  There is a link at the top of this blog to an article about this recipe.  I love that this card is splattered on from years of use.

Bliss for me is this flavor of tea.  Oh, that rhymes!

Gray is the color of the metal on my new can opener.  

When taking these I did not use a flash. Since I was using available light I knew that it was important to avoid camera shake. To keep the camera steady I simply sat it on a bag of lentils, and my images turned out nice and sharp.  

I hope you enjoyed these. Thanks for stopping by!

23 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt 2-26”

  1. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    I really like the old cookbook and your grandmother's recipe card.
    Great idea to keep the camera steady!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Excellent job on finding this week's prompts – and all in one location to boot. Love the vintage cookbook – who says "to whet a jaded appetite" anymore – oh my! … and no, other than when someone is seriously sick do we get meals in bed in this house – even then, a grapefruit isn't happening —-how sick can that child be if he is willing to eat grapefruit? (personally I love them, but when my kids were little they would only eat it if they had lost their sight, smell, and taste-buds.)

  3. Deb – Love that you gave yourself an extra challenge to limit your photography to your kitchen. Sometimes limits can work to our advantage – pushing us to creativity because of those restrictions. I would say that this was certainly the case here. And a lentil tripod – now THAT is clever! Love the tones and reflections in the can opener. And the patterned texture and lighting of the onions. Beautiful work!

    1. Brenda,
      Sometimes I just sit my camera on whatever surface is handy, but there are times when elevating it just a bit really helps. A friend of mine keeps a bag of rice with her gear for the same reason.

      Thanks for your kind remarks. It was fun to limit my photographic adventure to one room. I may have to do that again!

  4. My fave is the recipe card. My mom has kept my grandmother's box of recipes. I should claim "dibs" on that for later. Shortening-you don't see that so much anymore. Love to have some of those cookies BTW, but living alone, guess who would eat them all?
    Old cookbooks-can you imagine? Make the saltines and gingerale look appealing to jog the appetite.

  5. Great job challenging yourself to get all your shots in one room of your house. I might have to try that sometime! Very clever shots, buy my favorite is the recipe card. Penmanship used to be so important and it showed as it seems everyone from my Grandparents generation had such lovely handwriting.

  6. I love these shots – my favorites are the handwritten recipe (I have some of my mom's that I cherish) and your tea – it's my absolute FAVORITE!!!!

  7. What a clever idea to pick one area for your shots!! You did great finding them all! I like the onion shot and your handwritten shot is beautiful! I have almost the exact same recipe, it's one I make every Christmas just for me!! Most of my family doesn't like raisens! Really wonderful set of images!

  8. WOW you are so good at finding the right images, love love them.

    That second one is my favorite and that you have soemthing from your grandmother is so sweet.

    The photos are nice and sharp, great job.

  9. Beautiful set. Love your grandmother's handwritten recipe and the vintage cookbook – I don't think you'd catch my daughter eating a grapefruit no matter how sick she was!

  10. Oh I love that you followed a "theme" for your prompts by finding everything in the kitchen. – I did the same only using cat photos. It was fun.
    Love your Glimpse photo, How funny that it included advice like that.

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