Do you ever find yourself driving along a familiar road when suddenly you wonder just how you came to that point? Have you had that experience where you know you have passed certain milestones along the way but you don’t recall doing that?  I know this has happened to me, more so in my hometown area where I would drive ten miles to work each day, passing along the same route over and over again.  

Not too long ago Mark and I road with some friends, and they used a GPS to help find the way. I remember laughing at that feminine voice on that GPS because we did not go they way She thought we should. She kept saying ‘recalculating…’ every few seconds, trying to determine the best route.  It seems that the device needed to be updated to reflect the changes in the roads.

Maybe it was the fog of this morning, but something has given me that feeling inside that I need to be ‘recalculating…’, redefining my path. My inner direction is nudging me…I don’t know how else to describe it.  Please tell me you’ve had similar experiences!  It would be reassuring to know that.

The fog.  It was a pea soup kind of fog this morning, delaying and even closing some schools.  

At the park this morning the water was still and smooth as glass, making mirror image reflections from the trees along the waters edge.

Droplets of moisture were clinging to the branches of the pine trees. Some were partially frozen.

There is a stillness that comes with the fog.

And a very damp chill.

Everything looks mysterious to me when surrounded by fog.

Today this brought to mind the story “Gone With The Wind”, made famous by the movie.  I recommend the book if you have not read it.  The story is different, not edited for the silver screen.

In that story, Scarlett has a recurring dream in which she is running through fog. At the end of the story her dream resolves, and helps her determine what she needs to do.  

This morning I had that sense, too, of being “in a fog”, wondering and wandering, searching.  Part of this is from learning to stand up and say who I am and what I stand for, what I believe in, and how I choose to live and be. And that puts me in a different place, a new place, one that is exciting and scary all at the same time.

Yes. “recalculating…”  
Determining where the next steps should be. 

Having faith that my own inner GPS will keep my on a true path.

7 Replies to “recalculating”

  1. I feel like I've been recalculating every year of my life so far. I hope you get to the end of your dream soon.

    Also, I love your writing style.

    1. Kacie,
      It is so wonderful to have you visit here! Who knows if this 'dream' will resolve or if it will just be a continual journey? As you mentioned, this recalculating happens at every stage of life, even if every year. I think it is a process…so I should be thankful for that. Right?

  2. Beautiful fog photos, love them – especially with the tree reflections too. I can almost feel the dampness. I know what you mean about recalculating – I always greet this feeling with dread being risk/change averse but something good always comes out of it. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  3. Wonderful images and wonderful food for thought. I like this "recalculating". I don't have a GPS-let's me choose the way to go on my own. Soon I'll be the only one left able to read a map!
    I'm stuck in the fog and as you know, it can be difficult when it goes on for days and days and sometimes here in Maine near the coast, weeks.
    I hope you figure out what your next direction is. If you do, let me know. I'm looking for ideas.

  4. Wonderful Shots. I love the branch with the little droplets of water.
    I also love GWTW – Both the book and the Movie, read and viewed many times over. – Good analogy to the movie fog scene.
    Very interesting post and good for reflection.

  5. Your pictures are lovely. I keep looking at them again and again. Since I retired six years ago, I keep recalculating where I am going and what I should be doing. This time of life is very different and as wonderful as it can be, it can also be challenging. You are definitely not alone on this journey.

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