Scavenger Hunt 2-19

Love.  This little statue says “Without ewe, I’m mutton!”  Now isn’t that romantic?

Duplicated.  Vintage post boxes I happened upon at a Lutheran Seminary in Columbus yesterday, the location for Artis Gras. (This one is my personal favorite from this week.)

Trends. These are the publications I choose to read when I want to know about trends today. GreenCraft is really calling to me.

Paper. Leave a paper bag empty and lying on the floor at our house, and this is what happens. Cheap entertainment. (The flash had made Rossfeld’s face too bright, but in Lightroom I was able to use a tool that adjusted just the light on his face.  Very, very cool.)

Plastic. I’m lovin’ the colors of the plastic plates we use.

Ashley, the sponsor of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday is one of the Mortal Muses, a group of nine female photographers from around the world. If you enjoy photography and want to learn more you can really gain a lot from reading their website. Each one has something special to offer. I recommend that you check them out.  

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26 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt 2-19”

  1. Love your set, I think I thought too hard on this, instead of keeping with the simple. I have magazines and plastic placemats that would have made great shots,,,like I said kept over-thinking.

  2. Deb – those vintage post boxes are incredible. Don't you love when something utilitarian is giving such beautiful details – just because? Great POV – highlighting the repetitive pattern of rows of boxes. And great shot of your kitty – post-processing to the rescue!

  3. I adore your collection and also love the vintage post-boxes. Great finds (and so very true about a bag and a cat – like a moth to light).

  4. Great series. I'm trying hard to choose a fave-the mailboxes maybe (reminds me of going to the PO with my grandmother) or the colors and composition of the plastic plate. Both those are great images.
    I'm glad you gave a shout to Mortal Muses. Love following that site….it is wonderful and they don't seem to get enough comments for such a great blog.

  5. Those mailboxes are fantastic! I love the color in your plates 🙂 And what a cute kitty you have.

    I tried a free download of lightroom but couldn't figure it out. Maybe I should give it another try?

  6. as usual, ALL your pictures are amazing! My favorite picture = DUPLICATION – those mailboxes are beautiful! some of the PLASTIC (melamine?) dishware is totally cool. I keep an adorable turquoise plate, colorful bowl & mug at work… hey – and your LOVE picture is so funny!

  7. What great shots! Love your little sheep and the vintage mailboxes are great! (The keys look like Mickey Mouse ears to me!) Our kitties love the paper bags too! Such fun!

  8. What a great series. I love your LOVE shot – That is cute!
    Those Mailboxes for Duplicated are gorgeous.
    Love the Paperbag shot – Our cats like bags but prefer cardboard boxes.
    You are right those Plastic Plates are colorful.

  9. These are all great items for the topics. Love the vintage boxes, so cool all in a row like that. I want your plastic plates, they just say happy!! My cat loves bags and plastic ones especially. How adorable is that little sheep, that is my favorite one. I liked reading this!!

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